New Today/New Tomorrow

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I know it's been too long- no good excuse really.  I really am going to try to revive this space in 2014, and I hope someone will hold me to it :)

After much praying (first we started out with high hopes to St. Joseph, and when he seemed a little uninterested, we resorted to the simple but to-the-point "Lord, have mercy on us"  hahaha), we received a contract on our place just before Christmas.  A Christmas miracle, if you will.  (Incidentally I always prayed for a Christmas miracle when we were trying to have a baby, and I never got one, so here it finally is in a different answered prayer!)  Just today we have agreed and signed and initialed the buyer's requests following the home inspection, so God willing, we will close early this year.  We are so, so grateful and so, so hopeful that God will continue to bless the sale of our home.

And also new today is a new cycle.  Good thing everyone else will be drunk, too!  Haha ;-)  We have been praying our hearts out for our house to sell, and so now that it seems like that one should be good to go, maybe I'll let myself dream about a sibling for M.  In the likely event that that doesn't happen though, we are thinking of maybe remodeling an upstairs bedroom to be a manly office for DH.  It'll be nice for him to have his own space, and it's not like we really need the extra bedroom!

New tomorrow is 2014.  Please be nice to us, okay?  ;-)