rest in peace

Friday, August 27, 2010

precious grandfather passed away this evening.... hard to lose him but heaven just got another angel today.
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Romans 12:15

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please keep Lisa in your prayers, as their baby has gone to heaven at 14wks...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My grandpa is really failing. The Lord will probably call him home in the next couple of weeks. I have been incredibly lucky in life, as this is the first (family) loved one I've ever lost, so I don't really know what to expect of what all-things-funeral will be like, when it's someone in your family.

My mom is not a dog person. My mom will also probably be a total wreck when her dad passes away. When I told her we were planning on bringing Banana and Bert when we travel for the funeral, first she was fine with it and then she called me back to say that she didn't think it was a good idea because we will be busy for 12 hours per day.


I have talked to two people who say that there is no reason why at least one of us wouldn't be able to make sure the dogs get fed, two (maybe shorter than normal) walks per day, and let out mid-day. Would you agree? I know there will be several-hour chunks of time when we would be away, but both our pups are good in their crate and are completely fine by themselves. Plus I think they would be great to have around when we are all just hanging out after the wake and/or burial- there is a reason that dogs are used for therapy, people!!

I mean, if we had a 2-year old who would need to get away from the funeral-stuff to take a nap every so many hours, I assume this would be unreasonable? Perhaps we could take our 2-year old to a kennel instead.

Oh yah. We don't have any kids. Right.

Happy CD1.

bfn today

Monday, August 23, 2010

it's not even like I really expected a + (hoping for one is a different story), but it would be nice to be surprised with success one of these times. I am thankful to be able to get to 16dpo without so much as a spot, but in some ways that just increases the torture of the negative.

thank God for our pups.
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By popular request

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A picture post!!! Captions below the pictures :) Enjoy!

This is how they spend their afternoons- sharing the sunlight through the front door and waiting for Mr. A to come home. (Bert standing, Banana laying)

This is from the first night he was home, and if it looks like "aw cute, they are playing", think again. They were not really "playing", and shortly thereafter Mr. A and I went to bed nearly in tears that we had just disturbed the peaceful nature of our household..

Bert thinks he's going to snack on some bbq chicken before we get to it!



Banana and Bert have taken over our couch, but they are so cute together...

Banana (left) and Bert (right) do follow commands sometimes!

Isn't this precious? The funniest part is that we have a huge other dog bed right to the right of this round one, but nope, they both had to be on the same one!!

Pillow talk :)

Spaghetti sauce- tomatoes (from our garden), zucchini (from our garden), green peppers (from our garden), and onions and garlic (both organic). YUM!!! We grew San tomatoes this year for saucing, and they make a HUGE difference!!! We can't wait to eat the sauce!!

Some of the bags of sauce- more to come for sure!!

The Whole Family

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think maybe I should change my blog to a pet blog, instead of an infertility one, given that all my posts on this page are about our dogs!!! Do pets struggle with infertility???

It goes without saying that we've continued to enjoy our new addition. It's only 1pm, and they are already curled up next to each other on their beds in the foyer in front of the door waiting for Mr. A to come home. Only 5 more hours, pups!!

The other morning on our walk, we (Mr. A, me, Banana, and Bert) rounded the corner to see a friend and her dog, and the first thing she said was "You've got the whole family out this morning!"

And while it is true, it resonated with me because even when we had just Banana, I don't think anyone publicly referred to us as a family. Of course I have always felt like even just me and Mr. A are a family (not to mention both of our precious pups), but until that moment the other morning, we had never had that affirmation that we are a family, even though we don't have kids. So it struck me in a pretty big way. It felt really good. We've been waiting a long time to hear ourselves described in that context.

I'm wondering how you felt the first time someone acknowledged you as a family, especially those of you who've been described that way by someone else before you had/have kids. Or, if you are like I was prior to two days ago, how do you think it will feel the first time someone describes you that way?

so full

Friday, August 13, 2010

Right now, Banana and Bert are sleeping across the room from me on the SAME chair. (Because the both prefer to sleep with their legs stretched out, I think it will be short-lived, but right now they are both curled up together!!) It is so cute, I cannot even put it into words. Exactly 2 weeks from Bert coming home, I think they are on their way to being inseparable. Sometimes Bert's energy is still a little much for Banana in the morning (but he knows to let her alone if she is in her crate, where she goes when she is tired), but she has definitely warmed up to him in a big way in the last 2 days. Initiating playtime, settling in for a nap next to him, and showing him how to sit and give a paw to earn an apple piece. I'll say it again, it is so freaking cute.

Our hearts are so full right now. I mean, it feels like for the first time in recent memory that we're not missing something. Obviously a dog is no substitute for a child, but Bert has been a blessing for sure. He has allowed us to pour out our need to nurture on his untrained puppy brain. He has made our family walks such great times of wonderful conversation (they always were but it seems to be rejuvenated). He has given Banana some company in the front yard while she basks in the sun.

We still long for a two-legged baby, but we are so thankful for our precious Banana and Bert. I have been watching the dog alot lately (just for fun), and what he says is true: "You don't get the dog you want, you get the dog (dogs, in our case!) you need." So true.

(PS. Mr. A bought our invisible fence system from the pet store- check out your local one if you're interested in installing your own! Training is going slow but steady!)

from the front yard

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr.A is putting in an invisible fence around our yard for our pups, so each night after their dinner, me and banana and bert come out to keep him company while he digs the small channel for the wire. moral support is good, right??

our days are being filled with more calm and less correcting of bert so that is really nice. i watched some dog whi.sperer today, and wow i feel like we have the best pups EVER!

thanks for all your prayerful and hopeful comments about our chances this month! it was really bizarre and unexpected that we had the timing we did. but God is in that business, no? we will see what He has in store for us!
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Way overdue...

Monday, August 09, 2010

If you are looking to 99% forget about ttc, adopt an 8-month old puppy! And then have your brother (21 yrs) come visit for a week! And then have your inlaws visit the following weekend (this coming)!!

I have been a tad busy lately ;-)

I come to read my blogroll, but I haven't had the mental presence to formulate intelligent comments, but please know I'm praying for all the happy and broken hearts (HUG)

Banana and Bert are doing really great :) It has been alot of fun to have them both, albeit a lot of work, too, but it is worth it :) They are getting more comfortable with each other every day (taking naps next to each other, playing nicely instead of visciously), and we are starting to notice them acting together, which is neat. You know, if one goes outside, the other one wants to, and they will both run to the door when Mr. A gets home from work, and they both try to sneak upstairs when I'm taking a shower... Hard to believe that less than 2 weeks ago his life consisted of a crate at the shelter. He is a very happy, playful dog, and we're so happy to have him here :)

And we had a blast with my brother, but he's been living with my parents all summer (no internet and no cable) before his last year at college this fall, and so needless to say I think he watched sport.scenter 3 hours per day and movies 2 hours per day, and floated in the pool the balance of the daylight ;-) We did do some yoga together (a new routine on ne.tflix instant play that he found), and it I'll stick with my normal one where I don't feel completely inept!!

Despite all the (fun) chaos lately, I'm 2dpo, and if you can believe it, we were together O-1, O, and O+1!! That combined with the new puppy, we are sure to see two lines in two weeks ;-)

pup update

Sunday, August 01, 2010

hi all! Friday night was pretty stressful, but yesterday and today have been better and better, with a lot of exercise and training and socializing! I was doing laundry and came out to see them napping together!!!! I think everyone will be very happy! will post more later. :-)

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