(13w6d: inverted head, ribs, foot)

(13w6d: some toes!)

 (13w6d: standing on baby's head- feet in the air!)

 (13w6d: back of neck/spine)

 (13w6d: profile looking up at raised arm)

 (17w3d belly!)



























Stacey said...

I'm so happy to see this beautiful growing baby (and belly)! Love checking in at your blog and seeing that all is going so well!

Josey said...

You look so cute!!!

ruth said...

Congrats..from belly pic, am 99% sure its a BOY..:-)

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Baby Hopes said...

Aww... such a cute bump! :)

Erica said...

LOVE these pictures, all of them! What a privilege to get a glimpse of your precious baby and the belly he/she is growing in right now. I'm melting.... :) :) :)

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

I love the new ultrasound pics, no doubt it's a girl!