What now?

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's been a relatively quiet week, and at the same time not so quiet.  Quiet in the sense that it is slowly sinking in that we really sold the house, and not so quiet in the sense that Mr. A's aunt passed away and we are preparing ourselves to fly cross country for her funeral.  Tips for flying (2+ hour flights and 2 hour layovers) with a 2 year old appreciated :)

With all the hubub of closing last week and buying crazy expensive airline tickets this week, and just the rigors of every day working and home life, I haven't dwelled (dwelt?) so much on secondary infertility recently.  I'm sure that will come back closer to home this weekend when I start a new cycle ;-)

Life is good these days, and I'm so thankful for it.  Thank God for His mercy :)

Sold (Recap)

Friday, February 14, 2014

We did it- closed on the house today!!  It is all at the same time anti-climatic and monumentally relieving.  We sat at home this afternoon and joked, "What do we worry about now?  What we will we do on the weekends now instead of going up to check on the place?"  Hahaha

This whole house selling process has been very interesting faith-wise.  When we first listed it, I was doing a Bible study of David with a good friend of mine, and I was feeling rather in the dark compared to David's direct question and answer sessions with God.  I remember writing at some point in our study that I wanted this selling process and my faith that God would bless us with a sale to redeem my rocky trying to conceive journey.

We received a couple really lowball offers pretty quickly after we listed it, but we had a bottom line and both offers were below it.  I prayed for God to send us an offer that we could accept, and a little before Christmas, we got such an offer.  I felt such at peace- yes, this offer was from God.  Throughout everything, all the little concerns and issues, I felt totally at peace.  This offer was from God- He would see us through.  That carried me all the way to two weeks ago, when we had the fairly major issue come up.  I tried so hard to weather it with the same peace, but the doubt crept in, and I ended up feeling betrayed.  A big, bold, unfaithful word, but I felt it.  I said, again Lord?  Really?  We can't wait 4 years for this house to sell like we could wait for M.  I feel like at that point I was begging God for mercy every other hour.  At one point I was driving, and I prayed, Look God, this is all You.  You need to fix this, and I can't wait to see your redemption.  I had never really prayed that way before, and it was definitely a vulnerable prayer.  The situation was out of my control, and the only thing I could do was wait and see what God was going to do about it.

The funny thing is that just earlier in that week, I had been talking with a friend of mine who miscarried last April and who hasn't conceived again (they are hoping to, for sure).  I was telling her that after all we went through, after all we scheduled and medicined and timed, at the end of it all, we just said, okay it's in God's hands.  Let's just see what He does with it.  And along came M.  {I know it doesn't happen that way for everyone, and I think babies conceived after scheduling and medicining and timing are just as much miracles as anyone!}  Anyway, the point is that she is feeling like it is so out of her control, and I was saying that maybe when it's so out of our control, that's when God can shine.

So when the big issue came up, I caught myself chuckling at my earlier comments because I needed to say them to myself at that point.  As I had written recently, the issue resolved, and here we are tonight, owners of just our (one) house.   {All this snow also threatened to put a wrench in the closing, but I had returned to my peace-prevails outlook, and I knew that it would all work out.}

As it has ended up, I think I felt more peace and confidence during this house selling process than I ever had trying to conceive.  It is very cool, and I am so grateful for the chance to experience this contentment amidst what felt like constant attacks from Satan to lure us into believing God didn't care.  I am humbled that even after my foray with doubt a couple weeks ago, God remained by our sides in blessing of the sale.

Now that this big situation is behind us, it'll be back to regularly-scheduled programming.  Until we decide that we are too fed up with our HOA here and want to get the bleep out of dodge to a real country place with cows for neighbors ;-)  You can't wait for another house sale, can you?

Almost there

Sunday, February 09, 2014

This Friday, girls...closing day on our house.  Lord, have mercy and bless this sale.

We had almost-a-catastrophe happen in reference to an H-O-A situation, and thanks to our contractor, it has been resolved.  In all seriousness, we probably owe the sale to him and his willingness to go to bat for us, magnified because we don't live in the area anymore.  If anyone needs an awesome, stand-up contractor in Virginia, please email me for their contact info.

12 More Days

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Lord, have mercy.  Please guard our townhouse from all harm in the next 12 days!!!

Had an awesome day!!  Making it to 8:30am church kicks our butts every.single.weekend, but going that early makes the rest of the day so great (the other service is not until 11:30- not sure why we can't have a nice normal 10!)!  We folded and put away ALL the laundry, played outside for a long while, went to Panera for lunch and saw our favorite cashier (we might go there a little too often...), trimmed the berry bushes, and made waffles and bacon for dinner (because one of the sad, sad casualties of 8:30am church is no big breakfast- major sad situation because we LOVE our big weekend breakfasts). 

Also awesome is that M is starting to say "awesome".  Hahahaha ;-)

But more awesome is that we love our church's Glory to God rendition, and so I end up singing/humming it all week, and now M does the same thing.  It is to the point where if I start singing it, she will interrupt me and say, "No, I sing Glory to God!"  And then she sings it to the dogs or her babies or to the backup Nativity Set, whose members are shacking up with her dollhouse family right now ;-) 

I've added a sibling for M to my Petition list in my prayer journal.  But the biggest, boldest prayer right now is for the sale of our townhouse- after that we can move onto other requests!!