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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ooh, are you excited, two posts so close together!  Haha :)

I have made a commitment to myself to exercise at least half an hour each day, in addition to walking the dogs twice a day.  AND I have been keeping a food diary and getting back to eating no processed foods, and although I don't have a scale, I am feeling really great after doing this for almost 2 weeks (maybe down a few pounds?).  I have been doing mostly vinyasa/power yoga, and an overall toning/core workout, and I get my workouts in during M's morning nap.  If she happens to wake up before I'm done, hubby gets her out of her crib and then they sit and watch me finish (no pressure to look like the perfectly-in-shape women in the videos!).  We are so lucky to be able to both work from home- I have zero idea how moms who work in an office have time for exercise!!

I also have been walking once a week for 45 minutes with my one friend in my neighborhood, who has a 17 month old daughter!  I was telling her how I wanted to teach Maryanne to fall asleep on her own at night (she already does this for our nanny for her afternoon nap), and my friend encouraged me that her daughter cried for about 20 minutes, but after only 3 nights, her daughter goes to sleep on her own (after cuddles and prayers and kisses, of course).  Tonight I tried it with M.  Sure enough, she cried for 20 minutes, but she is now sleeping soundly.  I hope she doesn't hate me in the morning ;-)  It is nice to have a friend nearby- she was texting me good luck and sending prayers my way earlier in the evening- so sweet!

Mr. A is on a business trip for the week :(  Can't wait for him to get home on Friday.  He helps with M alot, but what I mostly miss is our hangout time- after M is in bed.  I am just glad that he would rather be at home with us than traveling any day. 

Last week, I told my acupuncturist that if we're not pregnant by January, maybe we can do some fertility-focused points, but until then, we are just continuing the overall health and balance focus during my sessions.  My acupuncturist has a few other infertility clients, and I just hope and pray that one day they bring their baby home, too.

Well I better scoot to bed.  The nights are clear and crisp these days, and it makes for excellent sleeping with the windows open.  Sweet dreams!


Coco said...

Sounds like life is wonderful for you. :) So happy! Glad that you have a good friend close by who can support you from day to day. I'm trying to cut out processed foods again too, and it's so hard. LOL. Why does all the yummy stuff have to be so bad for you?

Lady Grey said...

Lovely to hear things are going so well friend!

Trisha said...

So glad you are doing well! We need to catch up soon!