New Adoption Blogger/To my Baby Bumps

Friday, June 11, 2010

...A warm welcome to my friend T at Waiting for Something Beautiful! She has been an amazing support to us, ever since I've known her, but especially in the last year. We're praying they will be matched with a precious baby very soon!!

(While we're at it, I also shared this with my friend O- bring your little girl (and hubby, if he's not teaching!) and come swim soon!)

I was going to separate my "Praying for a Baby" section into people who are adopting versus just TTC'ing, but I wanted to keep everyone together because on both paths, that's what you're doing...praying for a baby!


We had people over for a cookout and swimming yesterday late afternoon/evening. It was heavenly! Adding to the wonderfulness was my glass of wine from the winery down the road- I like all of their varietals, and it's always hard to choose which bottle I want to bring home with me!! Plus it has been a long time since I've enjoyed their wares, thanks to follistim! I'm thinking of mowing the yard later on this afternoon before I walk Banana, that way I will be good and hot when we get home and I can jump in the POOL!

We don't have any plans for this weekend (except paddling around in my float), but on Monday I am going to drag myself to the phone and set up a phone appt with my RE. I am so disappointed he/my nurse hasn't called. If I paid someone $9k for a job and then the job didn't work out, I sure as blazes would call my client to see how they were doing in the face of such failure!!! Not sure when we will want to really try again, but I imagine we might consider partnering with clomid again, for a time or two. But who knows- that could change on a daily basis!

And a special note for my Baby Bumps:
Something weird is happening to me lately- I read all your blogs, but I just can't find the words to comment. It's not that I don't care or that it's too hard to read about your goings-on (although I have my days...), and I pray for you all every day, but I just can't put together an intelligent, genuine-sounding comment. I don't want to leave you a lame "sounds like you're doing great!" or anything. Or maybe I should, so you don't think I've stopped reading what's going on with you.

I'm so excited that a few of you are about to meet your little ones. Even if I'm not commenting, just know that it's because when I try to leave you a comment, my mind goes blank. My heart is still with you, though.

Have any of my fellow mommies-in-waiting had the same thing happen to you?


Trisha said...

Thanks for the welcome and the sweet words! You have been such an encouragement to me as well! I can't believe I didn't know about this blogging world before now :) I'm anxious to hear what the RE has to say! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Katie said...

Welcome to Trisha! I am going to add her to my blog list now.

About the blog reading: The same thing has been happening to me lately. Some days, I feel okay to read and leave a short comment. Other days I can't read at all. It's very emotional and difficult--but it doesn't mean I am not over the moon for them. Because I am. The in-between is an awkward place to be.

the misfit said...

I have definitely read posts when I can't come up with anything, and maybe more often with the expectant mothers. As a result, if I do think of something (even if it's foolish), I try to leave a comment. Your method is probably a little more sensible :).

I *think* I remember your treatment regimens (and I'm on the wrong screen to see whether you have a timeline up), but I was just told by my RE that I had an option of GonalF/Follistim injections followed by an HGC or LH trigger, not for IVF, but just to aid ttc the old-fashioned way. It would include ultrasound monitoring (which would indicate the number of follicles and catch the problem if I had luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome, for example), so it sounds like a regimen that would both be a heavy hitter in terms of TTC help (you know, more than clomid or whatever), and would be fairly perceptive in terms of figuring out what any lingering obstacles were. I'm not sure whether I'm inclined to try it, but just in case you hadn't heard about that procedure (I think other bloggers have used it but I never understood exactly what it was), it might give you something else to research :).

Also, your RE is an insensitive jerk. Just my $.02.

Dea.nna said...

I've experienced the same commenting hiatus. Sometimes I just don't have it in me to arrange the words to comment intelligently. I completely understand.

lowfatlady said...

It sounds like you are doing so well. I'm glad. I haven't been swimming in forever. My re never calls after I get a negative result, but then again I haven't been through ivf.