Shades of Brown

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have you gotten your approved sunscreen yet? I haven't. (But I have ordered this one, and it's supposed to be here Tuesday.) I don't recommend looking for the score of the one you got in a flurry at, either. Take my word for it. You'll instantly blame Ban.ana Boat Ultra Spo.rt for your lack of offspring due to the ingredients. Seriously!

But since I don't want infertility AND skin, I decided to still apply some of my toxic kind, just in small doses. Luckily for me, I tan pretty easily, so I'm a few shades darker and only pink in a few (hard to reach) places.

I love being tan. For me, it is the epitome of healthy sportiness. (I know, I know, it's technically not healthy. But whatever.) It's what you have to show for playing with your new pool volleyball set with your husband for 2 hours. Who knew a couple of young adults could stay so happily occupied with just the two of themselves with a floating net and a ball for so long!? Sometimes I feel like if any of our neighbors are spying on us, they might think we are really only dating, or we're 16 or something, because we were really having a ball out there this afternoon, and they definitely don't look like they could have such hilarious fun with their spouses. Oh well, sucks for them!

And, to add to my tanned-ness, I credit my summer reading spree. It's not like I don't read the whole year round, but in the summer I really rack up the books. I just finished The Girl Who Played with Fire, and while it was a little risque in parts, I loved it (really great what's-going-to-happen-next mystery writing), and I had to restrain myself from buying the hardcover final book in the series (The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest). I can't wait to read it! But because I never got the first book of the series of three (The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo), and it's in paperback (cha-ching!), that's one I picked up yesterday.

I also got Three Cups of Tea. And I chose that one to read first, before I delve back into the crazy world of Larsson's characters (the series of three mentioned above). So far I have really enjoyed Three Cups of Tea. It is amazing to me that one guy made such a huge difference. Each chapter opens with a quote, and here is (adapted) one of my favorites so far:

Trust in {God}, but tie up your camel.

To me, it resonates with all of us (especially Christians) going through this journey to grow our families. (Well, not exactly the camel part. Unless, maybe some of you do have a camel and you just haven't shared that part of your life with us yet...) We are faced with tons of decisions, all presented in the framework of not knowing exactly what plans God has for us. In my opinion, going through fertility treatments is like trusting in God but tying up our camel. Of course we trust God to expand our family, but after graceful seeking of what He would have us do, we also take a part in making sure we do everything we feel is appropriate, too. And then, there are the renegades, like yours truly at this point, who after tying up our camel for a long time have decided to let our camel go, and ask God to work a little overtime to keep the camel safe. Or, I suppose since we are still trying, in the most natural of ways, so maybe it's like we are trusting in God and still keeping our camel close-ish by putting some food out on our porch. Haha.

How does that quote resonate with you?


Anonymous said...

Sitting out in the pool with a good book sounds so great. I need to find a pool near by. I tan easily too, but the last time I went out I burned.

Trisha said...

The pool sounds great! Great quote, I've heard that before and I think you're right on. I mean, that's why God gives us brains and all of the other "tools" we have for our needs/wants. I'm praying your camel comes home, to stay, real soon :)

Ashley said...

I need some book suggestions! Maybe I should read the ones you mentioned??? I have been in depressing story mode. In the past 2 weeks I have read two Nick Sparks books (nuff said) and The Lovely Bones which is absolutely disturbing!! And now I am reading a murder story. I need something happy!!!! And now I have to Google the sunscreen thing... :)

the misfit said...

All infertiles have camels. You didn't know...?

AplusB said...

oh, I know what you mean about equating tanness with healthiness. I am such a pale person, I look sickly without a little color!

Thankful said...

Oh, a pool and a book sound so perfect right now! We splurged on reef friendly sunscreens for our last vacation. The S.oleo brand works well, but is greasy, thick, and doesn't rub in. The C.aribbean S.olutions doesn't work for crap.
Oh, and Two Cups of Tea is so good! I have the "sequel" if you want me to mail it to you!

Leah said...

I read 3 Cups of Tea and really loved that book. I also really love that quote. :)

Jenny said...

I read a lot more during the summer as well. I have lots more time then. I just finished reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. I couldn't put it down it was so good!

Coco said...

Again, so jealous that you can get a tan. I'm just one step short of being an albino. I don't think my skin is able to tan. I'm either super white, slightly pink, or red. Never brown or tan or anything close to it. Even when I burn, it fades back into total whiteness. Never a trace of tan.

Oh and I just posted a HUGE, way too long, post full of recipes for my dad during his cancer treatment. Don't know if they're anything your grandpa needs or would be interested in. But they are making a huge difference for my dad.