Last year, today

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A year ago today we got the first positive test of our lives- the first indication that our little baby was on the way. It's a day I'll never ever forget :)

So many new moms with new babies are posting so much lately, and I feel like I am such a lame new-mom blogger. When do you guys take a shower or clean up the kitchen or make your bed?! Haha. I have so much I want to tell everyone- or just document for the sake of remembering- but I feel like I barely have time to read how everyone is doing, much less write a coherent update of my own.

In a nutshell, Maryanne is doing awesome. She smiles and coos so much, and it just makes me melt. I can't believe that she is here- we are beyond lucky and blessed. Our nanny is great, and even when Maryanne is a little fussy, she is patient and loving. The one thing that seems to calm Maryanne down any time is reading books. I love that she loves to "read". We are still loving cloth diapering- prefolds and covers mainly, but we are just getting into using some fitteds and all in ones. We are exclusively breastfeeding, and it is also going great. With all the breastfeeding trouble we had in the beginning, I would never have guessed that it would be going this well at this point. She is no longer content to sit in her bouncy seat while we're eating- she likes to sit on my knee and watch us eating- if we are reading the paper, she will reach and grab for it, as if she needs to read it, too.

The one thing we are (I am) still struggling with is dinner. Mr. A does not like the texture of crock pot meals, and I have tried some new recipes lately that he has not liked at all. I am trying so hard to balance everything and cook like I used to, but it just doesn't work out very well alot of times. Mr. A always apologizes whenever he lets his criticism get a little too far, but it is hard to hear anyway, because of course I want to be able to feed him good, homecooked food that he likes. I know he is adjusting, too, in his own way, and we are being patient and forgiving with each other as we grow together as a family.

But no matter what, we are so grateful for the little girl we found out about one year ago today. We wouldn't trade her for anything, and we are so excited to see what this next year holds for the three of us!!


Coco said...

It's so hard to make good dinners when you have a newborn. I know my cooking definitely took a downturn. I don't know that I have any good advice. Even "5 minute meals" have to be done when a baby doesn't need to be held for 5 whole minutes straight, which doesn't always happen. Is there any way that you could wait to cook until Mr.A is there to hold her? Or maybe have the nanny adjust her hours so she's there when you're trying to cook? I don't know. It's hard no matter what. But you'll soon get the hang of it... besides, Maryanne is almost big enough to sit in a doorway bouncer or an "exer-saucer" which might keep her entertained better and give you more of a chance to do dinners again.

Lady Grey said...

And what an exciting time it was last year. Such an amazing miracle, and lovely to look back on. So glad Maryanne is doing well. Don't worry too much about the cooking, you are already doing so much. But I can imagine it is frustrating. Keep up the good work friend!

Praying for Hope said...

I find it nearly impossible to make fresh, home cooked meals even at 15 months. Kathleen either wants attention or want to be held or is wandering off to parts unknown looking for something to get into. I think fresh meals won't happen again until Kathleen is old enough to start helping with them herself.

In the meantime, I use every shortcut I can find. That, unfortunately, means using more convenience items than I'd like, but you do what you have to do. Pasta has been a lifesaver. And homemade pizza (premade crust, of course). Soup isn't a bad option if you can find time to precut the veggies. Sandwiches are another staple. Pancakes - I actually like them as a treat for dinner.

Can your DH help out with dinner? I know it's nice to have a hot meal ready for him when he gets home, but . . . Can he watch Maryanne for an hour while you whip something up, or can he make dinner for you guys himself?

Thankful said...

Getting dinner on the table is a struggle for us, too. We have finally buckled down and make a dinner plan for the week, which has helped out some. One approach to the crock pot meals - could you just cook the meat or veggies in the crock pot and then prepare a side dish (couscous is one of our favorites) so that it isn't a one-pot thing? Really, I am probably the worst person to be giving advice on this, so that was just a brainstorm. :)

The 1st positive test - what a moment to remember!!!