Post Christmas

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Home again, home again.  I am so grateful that we love coming home.  When I was little (and even now), my mom always resented my dad for having a job in a city 10 hours from her parents, and so every time we left my grandparents' house, she cried and cried and chewed out my dad for the first couple hours of the drive home.  My mom still cries when we leave their house- I hope she doesn't mind that I don't, but as much as it is nice to visit them, there is truly no place like home for us.  We would rather be here than anywhere else in the whole world. 

We had a very nice Christmas, and I'm very grateful for smooth travels, and I will not complain too much about the cold I brought home with me. 

I never heard from my friend, but I know that everyone deals with life's struggles differently, and if she needs some time in her shell, so to speak, then that is perfectly fine.  I will be here for her when she is ready.

I started spotting this evening, and it reminded me of 2 years ago, to the day, when I started a new cycle that would bring us our first BFP.  I would be hugely lying if I didn't tell you that I've already thought about how perfect it would be if this cycle also brought us a BFP.  But seriously that would be too easy, so let's just do our best to let that thought go right out the window.  But wouldn't that be neat?  Hahahahaha.

I hope all my readers had good Christmases, and I hope your celebrations were kind and gentle, especially to any of you who are still living with empty arms.


Coco said...

I love being home more than any place else! I'm not a hermit, I love people when I'm out and about... but I almost resent them when they come over, or want me to go out of my little bubble.... I just want to be home alone with my little family, all the time. LOL. I've also been pretending to myself that it would be so perfect if I were to get pregnant on this cycle (we got pregnant only a few weeks apart last time), and be a "miracle" of the secondary (or tertiary?) infertility circles. *sigh* No spotting yet, but I definitely missed ovulation. Stomach flu and BD do not mix!

the misfit said...

That's too bad about your mom! Seriously, your poor dad. I know what you mean about loving to be home. But in that case, it means I love having people stay with me, too. Most important to me is that people feel welcome and comfortable in my house. I guess that's how your mom felt about her parents' house.

The Hansens said...

You've been nominated!