Good friends

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another of my best friends just emailed that she is due with #2 in january... her kids will be 1.5 years apart.  I am happy for her of course but it stings a little cause I always wanted kids close together and who even knows if we will be blessed with another.

I wrote her back the usual congratulations etc., because Im not sure how "man, Im so jealous" would have gone over.

H, if youre reading, I mean that in the most non-jealous way possible haha!


Praying for Hope said...

I know that feeling. We decided to be happy with our one before she was born for a few reasons. Given that I never expected any, we're ahead of the game with our Boo. Still, I do get that familiar jealous twinge hearing about other pregnancies because we always wanted two. Perimenopause has muted that somewhat. Well, in you case, you have one perfect surprise already against odds. Two perfect surprises could happen. Positive thoughts for you.

Lynn said...

I think it's really hard not to be jealous when you've wanted something for so long and you see a close friend getting it. It's not that you want to take their joy away from them, it's just that you'd like to share your own joy with them as well. Here's hoping you'll receive your joy very soon!

Lady Grey said...

No matter how good a friend, it still sounds tough. Glad she's the understanding kind. Continuing to pray.