CD24 (?) and other random things

Friday, August 30, 2013

So to wrap up about my pity party: fairly light bleeding for a week, totally unlike any period I've ever had before.  If I count it as a normal one, though, today is cd24.  I had no fertile CM this "cycle", which is totally weird.  Every now and then, I wonder if maybe I will end up on M-T.V, not knowing I was pregnant (because isn't that what everyone always says: "I had a few days of bleeding and thought it was my period"?), but I don't think I'm that lucky for that to happen.  Will keep you posted...

Tonight I'm going to my first gender reveal party.  A good friend I've made here is due in mid-January with her second baby.  Her first daughter is 6 months older than M, and she lives right over the hill, so we see them at least once a week.  It is often bittersweet, because I would love for M to have a sibling, but I've just accepted that some visits I feel totally fine with her pregnancy (a total "oops"), and other times the longing I feel is fairly pronounced.  But my super-fine-with-it alter ego is throwing her a stock-the-freezer party in December, because I love to cook, and I cherish her friendship.  Isn't that a nice alter-ego?  ;-)

Other than that, this fall I have big plans for reorganizing, or really organizing for the first time, my perennial beds.  At this point, I have idea of what blooms best where and at what time, so I'm hoping that my big plans materialize!  I might even get all fancy and make a schematic of where I'd like to put stuff...oooooh!  Some of my big plans:  remove two scraggly evergreen bushes in front of the house, move perennial bush to where the evergreens used to be; move blueberry bush to more sun and add another blueberry bush; make room for strawberry plants.  Maybe if I make an actual list, it will help me be accountable :)

I am 5lbs away from my new, revised weight goal.  My original goal was 8lbs ago, but once I got there, I figured why stop there?  I signed up for an 8k in November with my cousin, and I'm hoping that the extra running will help me get the last pounds off.  I have not been at this weight since mid-highschool!  hahaha  It feels great!!!  All I can say is: PORTION CONTROL...even more than consistent working out, although that is a big part, too.  When I began my weight loss a year ago, I was completely astonished at how much more I was eating that I needed to/was supposed to.  I eat the same exact things (well, more lunch salads because I can eat more for the calories!), just more reasonable portions.  I am down 33 pounds, and hopefully I will lose the other 5 by the end of this year!  Yipee!  At least if I can't be pregnant again, I can be a very in-shape mama ;-)

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Shanny said...

Hey! I've been MIA but glad to read an update on you. CD24.. fingers crossed :D

Yay for the 8K sign up and the weight loss! You go girl!