The Whole Family

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think maybe I should change my blog to a pet blog, instead of an infertility one, given that all my posts on this page are about our dogs!!! Do pets struggle with infertility???

It goes without saying that we've continued to enjoy our new addition. It's only 1pm, and they are already curled up next to each other on their beds in the foyer in front of the door waiting for Mr. A to come home. Only 5 more hours, pups!!

The other morning on our walk, we (Mr. A, me, Banana, and Bert) rounded the corner to see a friend and her dog, and the first thing she said was "You've got the whole family out this morning!"

And while it is true, it resonated with me because even when we had just Banana, I don't think anyone publicly referred to us as a family. Of course I have always felt like even just me and Mr. A are a family (not to mention both of our precious pups), but until that moment the other morning, we had never had that affirmation that we are a family, even though we don't have kids. So it struck me in a pretty big way. It felt really good. We've been waiting a long time to hear ourselves described in that context.

I'm wondering how you felt the first time someone acknowledged you as a family, especially those of you who've been described that way by someone else before you had/have kids. Or, if you are like I was prior to two days ago, how do you think it will feel the first time someone describes you that way?


Josey said...

People totally said the same thing to us when we were out walking the 2 dogs together. Nice to be a family, in whatever sense of the word :)

Toni said...

What a beautiful story. I'm so glad the two are getting along so well. And yes pets can be infertile, or at least animals in general. I know this because the title of my blog has resulted in a few unhappy searchers, I'm sure, who were looking for tips on treating infertile sheep. Hahaha.

I've just started referring to us as a family with the addition of our kitten Moxie, but haven't heard it from anyone else. Though it's difficult to walk a cat.

lowfatlady said...

Nothing wrong with posting what makes you happy. Glad things are going well with them.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

A year or so after we were married, we were asked to join a committee at church where "family" was in the title (basically about family life and family-friendly programs). I thought it was odd and the guy (who is now a dear friend) said, "What? You and [R] are a family." It must have made an impression on me because that was 6 or 7 years ago and I still remember it, but the two of us are indeed a family . . . and a strong one at that. Just like you, Mr. A, and the 2 Bs ;)

I don't mind the puppy talk AT ALL, but I would like a few more pictures. I'm aching for a dog ;)

Thankful said...

You, your DH, and whoever lives under your roof is definitely your family (regardless of whether they walk on feet or paws)! Snicks has always reminded me that he is my family when I start to get sad about being away from my family. Also, I agree with Ann, more pup pictures, please!

Jane said...

I've thought about the "family" definition, too. And I think me and my hubs (and our dog) are a family, for sure. I don't know that anyone has ever called us that, but I think I would be very pleased if they did!

Hillary said...

I guess I don't conciously think of DH& I as a "family," but as a "couple." However, I think whatever associations I have for "fammily" apply to DH & I, so maybe it is just the label itself. I don't think anybody else has referred to us as a family, either.

I LOVE that you, your DH, and your two dogs are growing into the term!

Trisha said...

Since we are so involved with church they have always referred to us as "X" family. I never really think about it though. I love this story though and I'm so glad you feel more like a family now too! Praying for you!

Stacey said...

I think this post is precious. It has always saddened me over the past 12 years of marriage that my husband and I were so rarely referred to as a "family," even though that's how we saw it. We were a family... of 2!

I'm so glad you are enjoying your family!