Tuesday, February 01, 2011

(First, thank you EVERYONE for such a huge outpouring of support and love and excitement over our unexpected miracle. We are so excited and praying for a healthy baby, and I am so thankful that you are doing the same! We feel very lucky and very thankful and very humble right now, knowing the magnitude of what is happening. I think CoCo said it best that even after all we went through last year, God wanted to have this miracle be all about His power over what we feel are dire circumstances!!!)

I bet you thought that I forgot that certain cool people gave me some awards last week!

Lovin' Ma Soldier gifted me with this one:

Lovin Ma Soldier, IFfy life, and the lost stork were kind enough to tell me that...

And, the lost stork, Pez, and PinkaDots think I am a...

Wow, I am getting quite the large doses of humility lately! Thank you ladies for these awards :)

Here's how this awards work:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Make sure you contact these bloggers to let them know about the award

Here are my 7 things:
*I have never ridden a horse.
*I am a perennial-only flower gardener thanks to training from my previously mentioned super cool vegetarian aunt who is also an amazing perennial gardener. Hello, you don't have to buy new flowers every year!!!
*I make all our bread- 100% whole wheat with wheat flour we grind ourselves!
*I love broccoli.
*I am the oldest of four kids, and I thank God every day for my sibs
*I ran cross country in high school, and have (in my adult life) completed two marathons (4:01 and 4:20), two half marathons (both 1:06ish), several 10-miler's, and countless other races!! I think my running chapter is behind me, but I loved it!!!
*I have a pink motorcycle helmet for when Mr. A and I go on rides B-)

Here are the blogs I nominate:

The Wonder Wife- She's been reading for a while but just delurked recently, and I am so glad she did- loving her blog!! She is praying to conceive, in that, her husband would like to wait a while until they "try", but her heart is ready. Go over and see what they are up to in the meantime!

While I'm Waiting- I love this blog for Lisa's reflections. She posts wonderful devotions for those who are in need of a spiritual lift! She and her hubby lost their baby at 14w last year, and I have been praying that God would bless them again soon.

The Pughs- Rachel makes me want to move to Alabama and be her best friend! They have this cool painting store with fun Friday night projects, and it looks SO fun!! They have chosen adoption and have a baby placed with them now. I am praying that everything goes smoothly and that the baby will be theirs soon!

from IF to when- This chic is an amazing writer! She was even in the finals of RESOLVE's best blog award last year!!! WOW. She and her hubby have been through alot of uncertainty with IF lately, and have chosen to pursue adoption. I pray that their journey is smooth and short!

the big infertility- I am a new follower to this blog, and I was initially drawn to it because they are choosing embryo adoption! I wish them all the best in their journey, and look forward to seeing how everything unfolds!

the black sheep- I love this blog for her really hilarious takes on things, and the fact that she calls everyone GLOB's (you will have to go see what that stands for!). I hope that she and her hubby will be blessed soon, because that baby is going to have one heck of a great life!

BrigitteMarie- This is one of my sibs' blogs! She is an artist, an art teacher, and one strong and independent young woman. I am so proud of her! If you need any kind of art for your walls, go check out her etsy store! She has some photographs, but my favorite pieces of hers are the paintings she does of photographs. Do you have an amazing photograph you took on vacation in Tahiti? Send it to her and she will replicate it on canvas to make an amazing piece of artwork for your home!

venting vagina- Finally, this fashionable NY bloggy buddy has some buns in the oven. Be healthy, babies! She always posts crazy unbelievable things that provide the right amount of entertainment needed for a slow afternoon at work!

Something Beautiful- A wonderful friend of mine who has been with me through up's and down's (for each of us), she finally brought her son home last week!! She is an amazing example of trusting God that His plan is better than what we can imagine! Plus she has this daily calendar that is freakin' amazing on how its verses are so applicable to whatever is happening today!

The Bigger(s) Picture- Melissa is a new mom who is real and honest and funny! Her Ten on Tuesday posts are always thought provoking and comment worthy!! She has been a great support to me :)

On (In)fertile Ground- I am pretty sure Sonja has no time to do this award, but I just love her blog. She had QUADS last year, and they are so stinkin cute!! You should check her out just to be in awe of those little ones and how she is raising them!!

Making Me Mom- Hillary is an amazing daughter of the King, and she has been so faithful during her infertility journey. Right now, she and her hubby are seeking where to go next, and I ask you to pray that they will be given clarity. Go over and lend her some support!

Delinquent Eggs- I am a new follower of this blog, and she is a great writer. She is also trying to figure out where to go next, and I'm hoping that whatever they choose will be successful!

Cheap Version of Therapy- Josey is just starting to be treated at CCRM, and I'm praying that their plan of action will bring a baby into her home. Her and her hubby have been dealing with some job uncertainty lately, but they are pushing through, doing their best and rolling with the punches!!

My lazy Ovaries- I am new to following this blog, but so far the best thing about my reading there is this gal's blunt honesty! Like all things you think but never write, she has the courage to put them down on "paper"!! It is very refreshing and I think anyone will find something in common here!

WHEW! I love all the blogs on my blogroll, so if I didn't get you this time, I'll be sure to highlight you next round of awards!!


Anonymous said...

You are too sweet. Thank you. :) And I need to see this pink helmet! It sounds adorable!

brigittemarie said...

Aww thanks for mentioning mine!!! SO excited for you and Mr. A! YAY!

Bridget said...

hi A! The C+B does a lot of picturing success in your mind and telling you to be in a "welcoming" frame of mind. It relaxes me at night and I love it. I'm so glad I got it!

Trisha said...

Thank you! I see you like me just because of my calendar :) ha ha! Again, I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the award! :)

can i say again how frickin excited i am for you? your news is so so awesome! you have been so patient. woohoo!

Coco said...

Ha! I got quoted. :) Congrats to all the award winners! I'll have to check them out. Hope you're taking it easy and letting that baby GROW!!! :)

Maegan said...

THANK you, A! You made my day! So with that little baby in you and my new blog award, both our days were made, I guess. :) BUT I have a post request - I want to know - did you suspect it? Did you feel like this cycle was different? When you wrote that post about your brother and his life changing experience, did you think you might be pregnant?!

I just want to hear about the BABY now! :)

Ashley said...

I am SOOOO very happy for you!!! I think you are right about God using Baby A as a "look what I can do with out meds and stuff" moment. He. is. so. amazing!

Rachel Pugh and I are besties and we would love for you to move to AL and be our friend :). She is an AWESOME friend!

Josey said...

Thank you!

I'm the oldest of 5 kids, and I, too, LOVE it.

I'd love it if you came and taught me how to garden. :) OR, you should start dedicating a once/weekly post about different perennial flowers - how to plant, where to plant, when to plant, etc!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the award...and most definitely the prayers!!!