Cold, etc.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Along with some great memories, I came back from spending the weekend celebrating my little brother's graduation with a stubborn cold, too.

I am never sick, and since it didn't start until I got to his state, I thought at first maybe it was allergies to something in the air there, but when my symptoms hung around well after we got home, I guess I picked a dumb cold up somewhere.

I went out and got my mom's solution to colds when we were younger: ingredients for a cocktail!! A sick-child cocktail, that is....Orange/grapefruit juice plus sprite/ginger ale. The ultimate placebo.

I also got CVS' version of Tylenol Cold, because apparently Tylenol had some big recall recently, and I went to two stores trying to find it with only empty shelves before I asked a pharmacist for an expanation. And my midwife said the CVS version was okay. I think I might have been the only one ever to call and ask if the generic version was fine to take.

I didn't really want to take any medicine, but I don't want this to balloon into anything worse than a runny nose and occasional cough. And plus, when I woke up this morning and dug out my thermometer from my temping days, it showed 99.2 at 630am, so I definitely don't want the fever to get out of control. (It was 99.6 at about 830am, but has gone back down to between 98.6 and 98.8 since then...)

After getting Mr. A off to work, I have been sleeping on the couch with Banana and Bert. Like literally, except for 15 second intervals of going to the bathroom or blowing my nose or taking a drink of my cocktail, I slept from 730am till about noon. It was even raining to complete the cozy ambiance.

And I know that chocolate frosted mini-donuts and OJ/sprite cocktail isn't exactly a balanced diet, but it is going to have to do for now. Maybe I'll cut up some carrots later this afternoon... Mr. A goes "why don't you make some chicken noodle soup?". Haha :) Oh yah, I totally feel like standing up in the kitchen to put that together....My thought is "Why don't you pick us up some chicken noodle soup for dinner from the deli?" Hahaha :)

But I think Bert has had his fill of sleeping the day away because in the last 10 minutes, he has brought me every one of his toys, as if to say, please play with me!! Hopefully he will accept me playing from the couch...

In the "etc" portion of this post, some (baby) bullets:
  • Mr. A recently told me (without me asking first) that my maternity clothes are "hot" and that my little bump is so cute. SWOON.
  • Thank you for the comments on my post wondering what you want to read about!!
  • I added some belly pics to the ultrasound/belly link to the right -->
  • I had never really thought about turning this blog into a book for our baby. That is a really neat idea.
  • I think I am feeling the baby about once a day! It is so cool, and I am so grateful for this little one.
  • We have an ultrasound on Friday morning- praying our hearts out that this baby looks completely healthy!!!


Coco said...

Yay for 20 weeks!!! You're half way there and the belly is SO cute! :) Boo for the cold though! I think that donuts are perfectly acceptable right now! And for sure, DH should get soup for you! :) Good luck on the ultrasound Friday! SO EXCITING!!! Are you going to find out gender? Or just wait and see at delivery?

Bridget said...

I hope you feel better very soon!! And your belly pics are adorable!!

RMCarter said...

Happy 20 weeks! Hope you feel better soon! :)

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy and yay for 20 weeks!

myjourneythruinfertility said...

sorry to hear about the cold and hope you feel better soon!

the rest of the tidbits are just so wonderful!!!! I can feel the joy you have!

Lady Grey said...

I hope you feel better really soon! :)

AL said...

20 weeks!? that is so, so awesome A! And I love that you are feeling movement :-)

Hope you kick the cold v soon.

Trisha said...

Hope you feel better soon! Love the belly pics and what a sweet hubby! I hope all goes well on Friday!

Melissa said...

Love your belly pics! I hope your feeling better. 20 weeks already?! Where oh where did the time go?

Good luck on Friday!

Stacey said...

UGGG. That's the pits! Hope you feel better soon. Deli chicken soup sounds perfect to me! :)

Thinking of you on Friday! You're halfway there!!!

lowfatlady said...

Happy twenty weeks! I hope you feel better!