Delight in the little things

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am having a great day- and it is all about the little things that are making me happy:

  • The last of baby girl's diapers (5 100% cotton fitted's, 3 100% cotton newborn AIO's (would totally get more, but they are expensive and just for newborns- will likely definitely invest in more one-size AIO's after she is bigger), 2 microfiber pocket's (I am not sure I will like these since they are not 100% cotton, hence the small number of them), and a bunch of cotton flat diapers) are on the line after their second washes- so excited to be prepping them! (My 3-dozen 100% cotton GMD prefolds are already prepped and ready to go!)
  • Yoga at home this morning, including 4 sets of 2-minute squats :)
  • We FINALLY signed up for garbage service!!! You have NO idea how exciting this is for me!!! (Are you thinking, wow, this chic needs to get out more?) Mr. A has been taking our trash to the dump ever since we moved here, but we are getting busier on the weekends, and when he doesn't go for a few weeks, it is more than our cans can hold, so I end up just putting bags next to the cans.... which sometimes Bert gets into, and that is just no a good situation for anyone- dog or human. The service is very inexpensive and includes free recycling!!! YAYYYYYYY!!
  • Bonus, our fancy new garbage bin from the company was just delivered!! EEeeeee!!
  • My teleconference at 10:30 to discuss one of my cases was cancelled- the other two attendees have reviewed the issues and agree with my position and didn't need to talk to me about it! Awesome!

What little things are making you happy today?


Bridget said...

Glad you are having a great day!

Josey said...

Love the little things. :)

Will you do a review about the different types of cloth diapers in a few months? I'm so excited to try mine out!

This is also motivating me to get back into my yoga. I tried my at-home DVD a couple weeks ago, and it's depressing how much leg and core strength I've lost. Yikes.

Recycling is so much easier when you can just put it on your curb!

Melissa said...

Sometimes, it's the littest things that can totally make my day. Glad your day is going so well!

myjourneythruinfertility said...

nice when you can have days like that huh?!
what is making me happy today? unpacking my first order of books for my new library! nothing like $4000 worth of books to make me smile.

fertilelychallengedblacksheep said...

Yay on a great day! I'm so jealous of your commitment to yoga. Makes me feel soooo guilty. You also reminded me I need to order my diapers quick, quick, quick. Still trying to figure out what to do with the prefolds -- how many infant and how many regular size to get. I think you're making a safe bet on the AIOs. From what I heard they're not ideal for all babies so it's good to test first.