Lots (of baby stuff)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am trying really hard to stay focused at work during the day and not spend all my time reading about baby stuff, doing baby laundry, and wondering how in the heck I went from being sure we would never conceive to doing baby stuff all the time.

But there is alot going on these days.

We bought a doll to try to acclimate our pups to the idea that there will be another human around in a month and a half, and so far they are pretty apathetic unless you make the doll cry and put it right in their face. At which point they just get up and walk away. We've put her in the swing, and turned it on turbo swing (seriously, do babies need six swing speeds?), and blared the obnoxious music that the swing has (again, is music really necessary?), and the dogs just lay there. I know it will be different when our REAL baby is here, but so far we are encouraged by their acceptance of the new stuff we've presented them with.

The doll is pretty close to life-size (18in long- no idea how much she weighs), so we have even put one of our prefolds and covers on her to make sure we aren't going to completely fail at cloth diapering our baby girl. To me (a novice), it looks like at least the doll would be suited up quite nicely with her prefold and cover without any leaks ;-) Hopefully it will be the same for our baby girl.

I've washed all the baby's clothes; hung the 0-3 months dresses and sleepers in her closet, and put her 0-3 months onesies and pants in her dresser. All the blankets, towels, washcloths, and burp cloths have found a place in the nursery, too, and today I just washed and folded all her sheets: crib, pack n' play, and cradle. Tomorrow I plan on washing her mattress cover, and some AIO (all-in-one) diapers that I have yet to prep. Is baby laundry always this fun?

Still on the to-do list is hanging the pictures in her room, setting up the downstairs changing area, figuring out what to put in her diaper bag (do we bring that to the hospital?), and figuring out what to put in our hospital bag (we got a list at our baby prep class- just have to find it). Who am I kidding, I am sure I will think of other things to do... I could spend all day puttering around in her nursery....which is hilarious because with the exception of the bathrooms, it's the smallest room in our house. Do fertile moms do this, too, or is it just because we waited 4 years for this?

Every now and then, I have this urge to write up a manual of our household for when the visitors descend on our house in October. You know, like the ones that the wives write in that show "Wif.e S.wap": e.g., how our house "runs", what kinds of things we eat, how we plan our day, what to buy at the grocery store, how to take care of the dogs, how to not ruin my Calp.halon stainless pots and pans? Maybe even include a section "What to do if you're bored and the baby and I are sleeping or nursing"... And then I chuckle to myself, because I don't know any better example of my type-A personality. But then I rationalize the thought that maybe it would help the nanny that we plan on hiring in February when I return to working (from home) full time. So far, my actual work has prevented me from starting on our manual. But it is definitely being written in the back of my mind...

Prenatal yoga is still going really well. There is another girl who comes to the same class as me who is a few days ahead of me, and I can't believe that we are 33 weeks this week. I mean, it was just yesterday that I was 5 weeks, and 16 weeks, and 20 weeks, wasn't it? It has also been great to meet other expectant moms- I think there are several of us who will keep in touch after our little ones are here. I am really glad to have kept up with exercise while being pregnant :) In our baby prep class at the hospital (where we are also meeting new couple-friends!!....although I sort of feel like an imposter- I never thought I'd be able to identify with young adult couples who are expecting a baby!), we have been "learning" stretches and good postures for laboring and delivering, and they are all things that I have been doing in prenatal yoga since I was 14 weeks, and that helps me feel confident in my desire to have a natural birth! And I'm still walking at least 40 minutes a day- I think some people do a double take when I walk both dogs by myself, but they have been really good lately- even when they see rabbits- I think they know they need to be extra obedient so as not to pull me over!!

We had our maternity pictures taken over the weekend. Our photographer has posted one on her website, and I think she did a great job- I am so excited to see the rest!! I am so glad that we decided to go with her even though at first things were a little unsettled. I think our newborn photos of baby girl will be amazing!! Email me if you want me to send you the link :)

So anyway, I should probably get back to work. I'm hoping to be able to only work half days starting September 12 (I'll be full term on September 13), so I'm trying to make these next few weeks as productive as possible.

I made a commitment to LIVE WELL in 2011, and to live fully and happily no matter what. I never imagined that my life would be wonderfully full of baby things 8 months later; preparing for our baby has brought so much joy already to our home- we can't even imagine how awesome it will be when she is actually in our arms.

{Just so you know: I know this post might/will be really hard for those of you who're still waiting to read, and I added "(of baby stuff)" to the title in case it's just a day where you can't deal with reading a PAIF post. I distinctly remember days when I could not even fathom being able to remotely identify with being pregnant or preparing for a baby, and even though I am going through the preparation motions, it is not lost on me that I thought I'd never do this stuff. My self-imposed PAIF motto comes to mind today and all of these busy days: "When you've been through hell, you tend to appreciate heaven."}


Coco said...

Yeah, I was thinking about you as I struggled to do just one more wall squat the other day... thought how much easier it probably is for you because of the yoga. :) And I'm sure that all that yoga will help in delivery! As for what to take to the hospital... in my experience... WAY LESS than what anyone tells you. When you're in labor, you don't want to do anything else... or if you're me, just the suggestion of doing something else creates irrational anger/hatred toward whoever suggested it. Haha. And after labor... you REALLY don't want to do anything else... you have a precious precious baby that you've waited for your WHOLE life! And someone wants you to read a book instead? Ha! Not going to happen. Take some slippers that just slip on so you don't have to bend, and a robe so your butt doesn't go on display, maybe some snacks for night time, and a going home outfit for both of you. That's about it. Maybe a few basic toiletries and make up, camera, and of course your laptop so you can blog and post pictures of your new little girl! :) And I totally laughed at your mental list! Even if you write it up, no one will follow it and it will just bug you more since you took the time to do it. ;) But it would be a good idea to have for the nanny... Good luck! ... and sorry for the novel. I'm bored and on bed rest. :)

Traci said...

We didn't figure out what to put in the diaper bag until my daughter's 1 week appointment at the pedi. It seems like she needed everything that wasn't in that bag. We felt like dumb first time parents. Put at least 1 extra change of clothes in there. We were missing that and my daughter had to ride home with poopy clothes. Other than clothes diapers, wipes(LOTS), pacifier, burp rag or two, blanket, I'm sure there is more. I don't even remember what a newborn needs anymore and it was only 10 months ago. Yikes! You probably don't need to take it to the hospital unless of course you want to because it is kind of fun to carry that diaper bag like you're a proud new owner of a little baby!

RMCarter said...

Wow, we sound like we are really in the same place right now! I’ve been doing laundry all week too. I feel as though I will never tire of folding itty-bitty baby clothes. :)

I love your motto, and I’m going to have to steal it. You’ve been warned! ;)

Deanna: Miss(ed) Conception said...

I am so impressed! You are already super mom!!! Go you!!! I seriously don't have things as together as you and my baby was born over FIVE months ago.
I want to see your maternity pics!!! I can't find your email address but you can email me the link at missedconception(at)yahoo(dot)com Can't wait to see them!

myjourneythruinfertility said...

so excited for you and so glad you are finding so much joy in all of the preparation!

Praying for Hope said...

"I am trying really hard to stay focused at work during the day and not spend all my time reading about baby stuff, doing baby laundry, and wondering how in the heck I went from being sure we would never conceive to doing baby stuff all the time." Good luck with that. :)

By the way, there's a wonderful blog, Dogs and Babies…Learning to Live Happily Ever After that gives some good advice about raising kids around dogs. It's written by a trainer who's also a mother. I wish I had found it sooner. We're in the process of trying teach our now mobile daughter to give our dog some space and to not crawl after every strange dog she sees. Accidents happen that way. She was already nipped once by my brother's dog, a good boy who's not accustomed to children, and it was our fault for allowing her to get into his space. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt, only surprised.

Leah said...

It sounds like you are getting a lot done! That is awesome. And the baby idea is a great one and should definitely help prepare the dogs.

As for the swing, 6 speeds probably isn't necessary! I only used one speed all the time. But the music for me was a must. My baby girl loved the music, and insisted on having it on to fall asleep. Ha! Let's just say I never need to hear those 6 songs again! ;)

Bridget said...

I love reading about all the baby preparation!! You are really getting some good stuff done and out of the way!

Ashley said...

My baby is now 2.5 weeks old so this is still really fresh on my mind.

Take to the hospital for you-
Lots of loungey/pajama pants (you may bleed a lot)
Tank tops (great for breast feeding)
Light robe - these rooms can be chilly
Nursing bra
Camera, batteries, memory card
Small notebook or use your computer to keep up with feedings/diapers/nurses you love/hate
Ponytail holders - yes plural bc you will lose one!
Chapstick - since you will be stuck only eating ice chips as soon as you are admitted - also... eat something before you go
Flip flops felt more sanitary than houseshoes to me
Your own pillow if you are really attached
Nursing pillow/boppy
Husband change of clothes - let him pack a small bag for him

For baby -
Disclaimer - my baby had "newborn rash/acne" but it started clearing up as soon as we quit using the hospital's clothes/blankets so I think it irritated his skin.

1-2 gowns
1-2 blankets for swaddling (my favorites are aden & anais
Going home outfit

Other tips -
get a couple of preemie size outfits because they are so impossibly tiny - newborn outfits usually start at 8lbs. my son was 7.2 and even the newborn stuff was HUGE.

Don't feel guilty for sending her to the nursery at night - different hospitals have different policies - You have just been through A LOT physically and emotionally - you need to sleep. Don't be a hero!

Take everything - the bassinet will probably be loaded with 2oz bottles of formula, diapers, wipes, breastmilk containers... empty it out every day like you're at a hotel :) The 2oz bottles are very useful for the diaper bag and if you are pumping, the containers are perfect (and expensive).

I think that's all... sorry for the novel. I'll add more later if I think of anything.