Biopsy Tomorrow

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I was really doing well with this biopsy thing until tonight.  It was going to be a very smooth morning tomorrow- drop M at preschool, head to the hospital, have the procedure done, get coffee, and pick M up.

Oh yah, except it snowed a ton today.

And her preschool follows the ONLY school district that is in session tomorrow.  On a delay.  Which means that her school starts at my appointment time.  Which means that if (when) Mr. A drops her off, he won't get to work until probably 11am.  Not such a timely arrival for him.  He was not impressed.

So I cried about it for a while tonight- 3 main sobbing sessions, but on and off for maybe an hour.  I think I just had to get it out.  I could handle it no problem if everything went according to plan, but then it didn't.

Isn't that how so many things are?  I should have known to expect something to not go right, given what happened to our "plan" of having several kids, but I guess a girl can hope that things work out the way she thought they would. 

I have many people praying for a benign finding, and I really appreciate all the support from friends here, too.  Lord, have mercy!

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