Thyroid Nodule- pff.

Friday, January 17, 2014

In the interest of saving time and being lazy (honest), I've posted the email I sent to family and friends this week- prayers much appreciated :)

At my annual checkup in late fall, they noticed that one side of my thyroid felt larger than the other, so she scheduled me a followup appointment yesterday afternoon with an endocrinologist.  I don’t have any weird symptoms, and she said my bloodwork is in the normal range and the ultrasound of my thyroid doesn’t show anything alarming, but I do have a larger portion on one side of my thyroid.  She recommends a biopsy just to rule anything suspicious out, though 90% of these things are benign.  I’ll have the biopsy next Wed morning while M is in preschool, as it is just under the surface of the skin so it takes less than an hour with just local numbing, etc.  If you want to pray that it is totally benign, that would be awesome!


Holly said...

Will be praying

the misfit said...

Will pray, of course. Somehow the thyroid always manages to be an annoyance!