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Friday, March 28, 2014

Just a quick reminder about the excellent book I’ve had the privilege to review recently, Motherhood Realized- it's doing VERY well! (#1 in Motherhood at Amazon already!). To help the book keep moving up the charts, everyone who buys the book by TOMORROW (Saturday) gets some awesome prizes. You pay just $12.74 for a book and get about $40 worth of free stuff!! Just go to Power of Moms- Motherhood Realized for details.

 In all honesty, I think every mom needs to read this book as encouragement of how important and beautiful motherhood is.  And you all know me, I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t totally believe in- this book is powerfully inspiring!!  I think it would be the perfect present for yourself and all the moms you know for Mother’s Day!!  

 For what it’s worth, if you’re thinking of buying a bunch for friends/family, you should know that if you purchase 10 books, you get the Power of Moms premium package worth over $200 for FREE!  Visit Power of Moms- Motherhood Realized for details.

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