Spring Gardening

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time for some spring gardening! I would post pictures, but I can't find our camera cord :( They sell HDM.I to U.SB cords at Rad.io Sh.ack, don't they?

I am all of a sudden really concerned about the state of the flower and vegetable beds. Yesterday after church I worked a couple hours of overtime, and then, at 430pm, I decided I needed to go buy a blueberry bush. And also that we needed to make a trellis for our blackberry bush and also some of the raspberry bush could use some staking up. Clearly all of these things were critical to accomplish last night ;-)

And even though I am sure he thought I was crazy, and I know he thought I was being fussy (he may have told me so, haha), Mr. A dutifully went to the hardware store and got some materials for the trellis while I went to pick out our new fruit bush.

So after we walked the dogs, he put up a trellis so that all the blackberry bush "arms" are off the ground and planted/mulched the blueberry bush and staked up the errant raspberry stalks.

What a man. (Except I should note that I thought making a trellis was way more complicated/man-necessary than it actually was. I thought it involved digging post holes or something. I am way more the gardener than Mr. A, so if I knew it was as "easy" as it was, I could have done it myself!)

In case you haven't figured out, we love our fruit bushes!!!

And this morning, I planted a beautiful royal blue new perennial in the bed next to our front door and two more black eyed susans next to our pool pump, which has every year succumbed to the worst weed invasion I have ever seen. Black eyed susans are notorious for being aggressive growers, and I am hoping they win the weed battle this year.

Also this morning I transplanted 5 raspberry stalks- that were growing a tad too close to the air conditioner unit- to their new home next to where we plant pumpkins and cantelopes in the summer. I hope they like it there!

ALSO this morning I planted a row each of sugar snap peas, bibb lettuce, and spinach in our veggie garden.

I have some more things on my list of spring gardening, and I'm hoping that if I do a few small tasks each day, our flowers will take care of themselves this summer and that next year's spring is really beautiful when they come up again (I only do perennials- no use in buying new flowers every year!)!! Next on the list is a trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday to see what kind of veggie plants they have!!


Bridget said...

sounds wonderful! Love spring time!!

Coco said...

Oh I am SO jealous!!! I'm going to be so far behind in gardening this year thanks to the broken sprinkler system. *sigh* AND my raspberry bushes died an ignominious death last year. Not sure exactly how or why... though I suspect it has something to do with my dog liking to eat them. But at least my strawberries are still thriving and my apricot tree is in full bloom. I agree 100% about perrenials and bulbs. I'm putting in some more geraniums to fill empty spaces/weed control... and a big hydrangea for outside my mom's window. Hope she likes it and hope all of it grows well this year.

TeeJay said...

Wow! You have been busy! I couldn't even bring myself to buy pansies for our flower pots. :-) Would love to see pictures.

Josey said...

Wow, I know NOTHING about gardening. I'm so jealous!

Baby Hopes said...

I love the sound of your garden! Beautiful!

Melissa said...

Sounds wonderful! We've been eating our lettuce from the garden. Totally worth it.

Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

so jealous!! I have no green thumb! I kill everything- can't wait to see pics of your stuff!

K said...

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You can thank my penny pinching husband for this info. :)

Lake Anne HOA said...
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Maegan said...

Good job! We bought blueberry bushes on Sunday too! We had two but had a spot in the yard that was perfect for more. Do you buy your perennials fully grown or do you start them from seed?

the misfit said...

I am looking forward to having my own yard to plant full of perennials! But I have to be honest with myself - right now I have more than I can handle just trying to keep the inside of the house in order. Baby steps :).