Holy Awful Smell

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bert is going to kill me!!

When we brought him home from the kennel on Sunday, he had a little scratch on his nose. Nothing big, probably just from some doggie rough-housing with the other dogs there. Nothing that neosporin hasn't fixed.

What hasn't been fixed is the diar.rhea that he also had. I am not sure what caused it- maybe stress of being away from home or maybe that in a few baggies of his food, I had to mix some of Banana's variety in there, too, because we were running out of his variety. I took his "sample" to the vet on Tuesday night after I fed the pups because I was just tired of trying to pick that up on our walks. She said he had some bacterial overgrowth, and diagnosed it to be stress-related colitis. She sent me out the door with antibiotics, some special bland food for a few days, and some probiotics.

That food makes him fart like you would not BELIEVE. It is awful!!! Like seriously, I am going keel over.

The worst part is that "conditions" have not improved. (Luckily, he is not going all the time or anything- still just goes at the regular time frames during our walks.) It is not the big-D color anymore (more normal color), but this morning's business was pretty darn goopy. YUCK.

I am thinking of giving him half rice and half of the special food tonight, instead of all the special food. The clear-the-room farting has GOT to go.

Please kick in, antibiotics. Ha!


Coco said...

Bwhahahaha! I can sympathize! I had a 245 pound english mastiff with gas so bad it turned the air green. :-P I know they have "gas drops" for dogs... but what worked best for us was giving him 2TBS plain yogurt per day. Cleared the stink up really quick. :) Not sure if it will work for stress related nasties or not though. And yeah, go with rice, maybe some chicken or eggs... the BRAT diet for dogs! :) Good luck!

RMCarter said...

Okay, this made me gag a little. Poor guy! He's probably so embarrassed... ;)

M.E. said...

My puppy had the same issue a few weeks ago after a reaction to one of her shots. It was the most horrible thing ever!! The vet told me to give her chicken soup. YUP! out of a can, just warm it a little and let him eat it. After her first round of chicken soup, things went back to a "normal" consistency and smell!!! Give it a try... may help ole' Bert out. :) And your poor nose!

Carpenters said...

Poor guy and you!!!

I hope you do not mind me sharing what has worked with us (we have a bulldog) white rice and ground beef. Cures his sour stomach up and he loves it!

Amber said...

Gotta love our dogs!! I think mine is preparing me to deal with the stinks that come with diapers! I loved the movie Marmaduke and his gas issues...funny (but not..hahaha)

Bridget said...

poor dog! I hope he starts to feel better soon!

myjourneythruinfertility said...

now poopy baby diapers will be nothing :)

Praying for Hope said...

I can imagine the odor. Our pup gets burger and rice for a few days until when she has a D episode. My brother does chicken and rice for his dog who is prone to frequent runny stools. He lives in NYC and is a fequent visitor to the local dog park. It's the daycare of dogs for catching things.