Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You will all be happy to know that with my excellent taking care of him (and making homemade chicken noodle soup) (did I forget to mention a big thank you to the makers of and Sud.afed?), Mr. A is pretty much all recovered. Thank goodness! I do not like man colds!!!!

And now that I have a whopping TWO yoga workouts (routines? sessions? what do you call it when you do yoga?!) under my belt, I can say that I definitely like it!! I have done one super low-key and one more active one, but I like them both very much. I am all for keeping the good energy going!!!

I have my baseline u/s tomorrow (CD21), and if everything looks good, I will start lupron tomorrow night. I'm also going to talk to my RE about my concerns about my lowish response and the lack of any estrogen or any other meds. GULP. After my u/s, I have acupuncture- I thought it would be good timing in case I'm feeling anxious about everything.

I have not done a post that is faith-heavy lately, and I hope that it doesn't appear that I've let that go by the wayside. I am firmly clinging to God's promises to fulfill the desires of our hearts (Ps 37:4), feeling comforted that hope does not disappoint (Romans 5:5). But it takes a while to get all my thoughts in order for one of the ones that you guys (girls) say are inspiring (it's just me writing, and I'm always so humbled and honored that somehow my writing about faith issues speaks to someone reading!!).

I know alot of people do this, but I'm trying to gather a list of things to help my mind and/or body recover from the pressures of this upcoming cycle. So far, here is what I've got:
  • Re-read my favorite devotional book
  • Give myeslf a pedicure using a great set that my sister gave me for Christmas
  • Spend an afternoon at the bookstore
  • Go for a hike and/or backpacking campout with Banana and Mr. A
  • Do a calming yoga routine
  • Make a great dinner and/or a special dessert
  • Watch episodes of The Office
  • Catch up with blog buddies!
  • "Work" in the flower or veggie garden (I don't really consider it work)
What do you do to calm your harried mind or weary body? Let's swap strategies!! (Remember I can't be knocking back glasses of wine right now... haha)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Mr. A is feeling better and that you are enjoying your yoga workouts. Isn't yoga great? I think your list of things to help keep the stress away sounds great. Good luck with your baseline u/s tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you. :)

Praying for Hope said...

I reread a good book (Jane Austen, Terry Pratchett, Mary Roberts Reinhart) when I'm wound up or down. Or I take a refreshing walk (if it's warm). Or, if it's evening, I drink a nice warm mug of milk with vanilla and honey. I might also attack a certain little cat or dog because they're so darn cute. Depending on whether I have any recorded, a good britcom always works, too.

Anonymous said...

I think they call it yoga practice :).
Sounds like a great list! I used to come home from a stressful day at work and pull weeds, so anything outside or working in the dirt usually helps me :). Or taking the dog on a long walk or to the dog beach. Playing Rock Band with DH is great fun and a great distraction as well.
Good luck with your u/s tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better. Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You are in SUCH a great place, and I absolutely love your fantastic energy. Good, good stuff! :)

Dear Diary said...

Good luck tomorrow! Im sure everything is going to look great.

Jennifer said...

Reading, listening to music and taking my dog for a walk always seem to help clear my head. I also do a lot of the ones you already mentioned, but didn't want to repeat.

Ask or Imagine said...

Now that's it's starting to get warmer, nothing relaxes me than just sitting and meditating in the sunshine for a little while, it changes my whole attitude. I was really interested to hear about your acupuncture experience, everyone seems to rave about it but it still freaks me out!

Looking forward to hearing about how it goes tomorrow!

ps - i've never commented before, but i've been reading for a little while and i emailed you a while back =)

Shanny said...

Yay for Mr. A feeling better and for you to have taken care of him so nicely you deserve an awesome appt tomorrow! Come on Lupron!

Good luck =)

Hillary said...

That's a great list - I might have done a little better this cycle had I thought ahead about how to prepare and relax. :) I have been saying "no" to a lot of outside commitments, but "yes" to friends so I'm not just sitting at home worrying. I've also bought myself some healthy lunches out so I don't have to worry about packing a lunch in the wee hours before my monitoring appointment, and they are tastier than my usual lunches. Nothing too exciting, though.

I just said a prayer for your appointment tomorrow - I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Basic Girl said...

Way to nurse hubby back to health!! Thinking of you and good luck at the baseline!

Anonymous said...

*delurking* I heart yoga! I recently bought a DVD called Bend, Breathe, & Conceive: Fertility Yoga, which I really enjoy. Yoga and pilates really help me de-stress. I also love watching inane reality shows like Real Housewives, and I'm loving my scripted comedies on TV, like Community & The Office. Once I'm getting closer to my IVF cycle in a couple of months, I think I'll add massage to the mix, 'cause that's my fave. I'm wishing you all the best!! :)