TGIF randoms

Friday, March 19, 2010

  • I have really been trying to be more present at work, and that is why my posting and commenting have not been so, well, present!! I just caught up on everyone, though!!
  • I also think I am still feeling a little stuck in the middle of thought versus reality. I find myself thinking, this seems too easy-
  • Acupuncture was amazing yesterday- wow, I could have stayed there for hours!
  • Eating more "whole" foods has been going well! Thank you to everyone who suggested great oatmeal recipes!!
  • I think God is preparing me to receive the completion of this path and give a testimony about it to my fellow volunteers at the pregnancy center. It is something that kept coming to me Wednesday afternoon and a little bit yesterday at acupuncture. I hope that it includes my giving my testimony while carrying our little one, but I have just been asking God to show me more about the testimony He will have me give!!!
  • We are going on a hike tomorrow with a hiking group we joined recently- we hope it's fun and that there are some new friends to be made! We even got Banana her own doggie hiking pack! It is so cute- will have to get a picture!
  • I think there are people who used to read that don't anymore because we are trying IVF. Should I take them off my bloglist? (Not that I don't want/appreciate people who have differing opinions, but if they aren't feeling like they want to associate with me, then I feel like why am I making the time to try to force the "friendship"..? I'd love to be friends with everyone, but this is sort of a related to how I felt about/dealt with my acquaintance N...)
  • CD1 should be any day now (due today). Let's not dilly dally. We have a show to get on the road!!
  • I am going to start some seedlings for our garden today!! We are directly planting peas, spinach, and lettuce this weekend, but I'll be starting tomatoes, cantelopes, and broccoli's today!!!
  • Bread making (from our freshly-ground wheat) has been going GREAT. I know I said I was going to write a post about it, and there is one in the making, but it's not finished yet!
  • I added some new faces to my bloglist (Dear God, we want a baby, Adam & Julia, Going for it, Below Average Athlete, and His Plan not Mine) and rearranged some of us. I feel like my bloglist is really long, but I love reading/knowing each of you!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!


Al said...

Looking forward to your bread making post...I'm interested in trying it out.

Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful hike :-).

Praying for Hope said...

I hope your seeds do well. I just planted tomatoes, cucumbers, bell and jalapeno peppers, and a load of annuals the other day. They can't come up fast enough for me. Beet and onion seeds will go outside as soon as a figure out where I want them. I love planting season. There's nothing like gowing your own salad.

By the way, if CD1 doesn't show any inclination to start today, try the old white underwear and white pants trick. Works every time.

Thankful said...

I can't believe you are already at planting season (in so many ways). Thinking of you...

The Wife said...

I know what you're talking about with being more present at work. I've been trying to restrict my blogging to lunch. It's really hard!
Dave has a hiking bag like that one for Banana. Big Tip: you gotta keep the sides balanced! During the walk when she would finish some or one of her water bottles we would have to redistribute the water because her back would start falling to once side.
I think blog lists should be for who you're interested in, not something reciprocal. Keep them on if you're still interested.
Yay for CD1! Praying for you!
I'm so jealous you're getting started gardening. We're giving it a miss this year.

Have a great weekend!

Leah said...

Hope you have a great weekend. :-D

I love that you decide what is best for you and your beliefs. If people don't want to follow you because they don't agree, then they are the ones losing out. I've always loved the honest and genuity of your blog. :-D

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for just leaving the blogs on your blog list that you actually enjoy reading.
Sorry you've had people jump ship once you started IVF :(. I know you probably miss the support and comments, but the rest of us will just have to jump in and try to fill the gaps :).
I'm getting ready to start my garden (finally ordered seeds yesterday) and I'm so excited!
Have a great weekend :).

Melissa said...

Yes, please...hurry up on that break post!LOL

Have fun on your hike; that sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

so excited about your garden! a true sign the spring is here to stay!

have fun on your hike!

Anonymous said...

Yes please post a pic of bananna in that hiking gear! So cute!!! You're really awesome for growing a garden, I would kill everything. And hurry up cd1 so you can start already!

Hillary said...

I'm so excited for AF to get here and for the stims to begin! How are you feeling as that day approaches??

Thankful you have so many blessing in your life that bring you such joy. Your post made me hungry for some yummy bread...

Hannah said...

I've been busy at work too and my blog reading and commenting has suffered because of it. How great that God is working in you about a testimony too! I've felt like God has been wanting me to be more open in talking about IF with people in person (at first I could only blog about it). I would love for us both to be able to have big bellies while sharing our testimonies!

So sorry that you feel people have stopped reading the blog because of IVF. Even though my DH and I don't think ivf is the right path for us (at this time, anyway), I'm so glad that it's an option, and I will be praying that God uses IVF to bless you with a baby!

(And thank you for the sweet comment on my post today. I'm so glad your marriage is stronger now too.)

Dear Diary said...

Can't wait to read your post about bread making. Yummy!!! I gave bread up for lent and I'm dying for Easter Sunday to start eating it again. Good luck with all your seeds, that's amazing. I will be here reading all through your IVF. I will pray for this to be your cycle!!! Have fun tomorrow =)

Anonymous said...

That bread sounds good. I hope af shows up soon!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I’m looking forward to the bread, too.

Don’t worry about other bloggers being MIA for a while. A lot of people have been limiting time on blogs so I don’t think it’s a reflection on you. (I myself started to think I had ticked you off for a while b/c I didn’t see you :). If it bothers you too much, take them off, but if not, just do unto others. . .

Stacey said...

For some reason, reading this post made me really hungry! :)

Just want you to know I'm thinking of you and you definitely still have my support in your IVF adventure. I'm pulling for you!!!