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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Like it or not, good or bad, I'm having trouble keeping up with my Baby Bump bloggies. Especially the ones who more or less cycled "with" me last month. I'm so sorry, and I can't really put my finger on why, because Mr. A and I are genuinely happy with trying on our own this time and looking forward to how we will become parents... I guess it's just knowing we'd be 5ish weeks right now, too, if we'd been blessed, stings a little...

My sisters have alot going on right now. One just got engaged and the other just got back from a 2.5 week-long fancy-pants trip to Europe (preceeded last year by a 3-week trip to Hawaii, and the preceeding year by a week-long trip to South Carolina). Compared to them, I feel dreadfully boring and am anticipating not getting a word in edgewise when we are all with our entire extended family coming up to spend time with our grandfather. But even if there were to be a break in the conversation (in between, you know, what fancy dinner did you eat at the Ei.ffel Tower and let me see this rock you got from Tiffan.y's), what am I going to say? Mr. A (God bless him) always tells me to talk about Banana. But that is getting old (at least for me). I have told everyone a million times already that we have a great dog. Maybe we can talk about our exhilirating experiences with writing big checks and having nothing to show for them! (Oh, the cynicism is almost too much even for the joke.)

It's interesting how hubby's deal with infertility, especially failures of significant cycles. A guy we know here (late 50ish) and his wife (late 30ish) are also going through treatments. They, fairly regularly, smoke cigarettes and something-different-than-cigarettes-if-you-get-my-drift, polish off bottles of wine per person, make enough j.ello sh.ots to satisfy an entire fra.t house, drink enough at home to cause passing out on their front porch, and drink enough at a bar to cause a yelling match in the parking lot followed by a poor decision to drive home. All while romantically professing that it is their deepest desire to have a child together. You know, just the people whose first IUI (fairly recently) will be wildly successful. They are having a party coming up, the day after they find out if their IUI worked. We have gone to their parties before (and have chosen coke instead of ya.ger, of course). I told Mr. A that I don't mind going, but he said without equivocation that he doesn't want to go because it will be right after they find out and he doesn't want to be there either outcome. Struck me as a demonstration of how guarded he actually is when it comes to others trying, especially others who have no apparent regard for trying to be as healthy as possible through all of this.

Months off are pretty flirty and romantic, aren't they? I'll just leave it at that. I think we'll enjoy it, yep, sure do!! Surely God can sprinkle some babydust on our marital bliss, right?

Our garden is doing wonderful this year! Our lettuce and spinach have been great, and we're about to get some peas. Coming along nicely are broccoli, carrotts, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, cantelopes, and watermelons. Not to forget our berry patch with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries! We just planted the strawberries this year, so we're not sure if we'll get any, but there are a zillion raspberry buds, and quite a few blackberry buds. I can't wait to try to make jam!! I need to plant some herbs- we had basil and oregano last year and it was excellent! At least we can grow things to eat!! All my perennials are looking beautiful, too- I had FOUR poppy blooms this year!!

I just started a new book. The prologue was a little shocking/risque/alarming, but I wanted to try something out of my normal genre/mood of books, and the first chapter has held my attention and not alarmed me further. I'll keep you posted. But, I just finished (again) one of my all-time favorites: "if you lived here"- I love love love this book- it is centered around the main character who is pursuing foreign adoption following infertility. I 100% recommend it to anyone!!! It's a book I never get tired of reading again! (Edited to add that one of the reasons I love this book is that you will immediately find yourself rooting for and ready to defend the main character within moments of "meeting" her!!)

Having alot of peace about placing our quest to conceive entirely in God's hands right now. The emotional transition has happened faster than I think we thought it would. Not that we don't pine to fill up the nursery, but for now we are going to have happy, light hearts- and incidentally, according to my fortune cookie the other night (even in our little rural town, we happen to have the world's greatest Chinese place!), a happy heart is the best medicine. Best of all, it's free!!!


Sooz said...

A happy heart IS the best true. Sometimes, in the midst of everything, we forget.

On a completely opposite note, I would love some advice on how to make jam not so runny! I've made strawberry jam two years in a row and it's more like strawberry syrup. So frustrating!! I even put 2 bags of pectin and it's still runny!

Al said...

1 - totally jealous of your garden!!! I wish I could have one!

2 - Understandable about it being hard to read preggo posts right now.

3 - thanks for the book rec - totally going to pick that up at the library soon.

4 - enjoy your break month with hubs :-D

AplusB said...

Great post. I hope you like the book...did you read the first one in the series? They were both really good - I can't wait to read the third. They are pretty violent, but a very suspenseful read and a nice distraction. It totally sucks you in!
Glad to hear you're hanging in there, and I'd skip the party, too!

Rach said...

LOL, I feel like I talk about my cat ALL the time!

It's tough seeing how my moms relationship has changed with my sister (the one who just had her baby). I feel so left out. So I know the feeling.

I hope you have a great month of renewal.

Rach said...

OH! I just bought that book 2 days ago! I'm going to start it soon.

Noelle said...

It is understandable about not being able to read pregnant blogs. As I commented on another blog yesterday, I am not able to read many pregnant blogs, especially the ones who are at the same date I am. People have been so kind and still support me and leave me comments, and I can't wait to be able to reciprocate. You are such a kind person, and people in this community are so empathetic, and they will understand.

It made me smile when you wrote about talking about your doggy. That is what I often go back to during my conversations. I would love to listen to you talk about Banana! We could have long conversations about our dogs.

I think you are doing so well right now, and your faith in God is amazing and beautiful.

I think it is sweet that your husband doesn't want to go to the party. It just shows that he is effected by this whole thing. I love it when men show their feelings, and it just demonstrates that he cares about you.

Melissa said...

Don't worry about the preggo blogs; I understand. It hurts. We'll still be here :)

You promise me that you take care of yourself and DH {and Banana} first and foremost.

So jealous of your garden!

Basic Girl said...

I totally agree, you just do whatever you need to do to take care of you and hubby right now!! I think that's the best part of this community, we've all been in such similar shoes so we all get it, ya know! Your attitude and faith continuely amazes me, and I continue to keep you in my thoughts!! Oh, and your garden sounds AMAZING! Please take some pics for us!

T said...

I love the happy heart comment! Oh...and the jealous.
I actually killed a bamboo plant. I did not think those things could die, but leave it to me!

So good to hear you with such a postive outlook. I can practically see you smiling as I read your words. It must be contagious because I am smiling too. Thanks!!!

Jennifer said...

I love your fortune cookie saying! It's perfect! My husband's garden is coming along really well too. We want to do some raspberries and strawberries next year. I usually go to the farmers market to get my berries for jam, but having my own would be so much better!

Staying home from the party would be my plan too. That could get ugly pretty fast it sounds like.

So glad you are enjoying this month. :)

Coco said...

I am SO jealous of your garden! After hours of back breaking work to put ours in this year... it SNOWED yesterday and killed everything. I can't believe it actually snowed this late! It's crazy nuts. Except our strawberry plants are looking excellent. Can't wait to make the freezer jam. It's SO much better than regular jam, lasts in the freezer for a good year... but we always eat it within a few weeks anyway. :) I use Ball brand and add 2/3 cup sugar instead of 1/2 cup sugar. Yummy. ;) But I also have some really good "real" jam recipes.

Glad your time with hubby is going to be fun. LOL. This is my "time off" treatment as well, and I have to agree... fun. :)

Just Me...C said...

Great post so thank you for sharing :) I think everyone should talk about their dogs/pets, besides I want the bumper sticker that says my dog is smarter than your honor roll student! Just kidding although I do find it hilarious. The book sounds great and I will definitely pick it up. Your garden sounds amazing. I've tried to grow herbs the past couple of years and it starts great only to end in disaster. So envious!

Ashley said...

I think we all definitely understand. You take as much time as you need. :)

Nicole said...

You sound so good :) Then you are always one of the most positive people there is. I hope you guys really enjoy your flirtacious month off, hehe.

JC said...

You sound good and I hope you and Mr A enjoy this month. =)

I agree with Mr A about skipping that party. Ugh that would be an annoying couple for me to be around.

brigittemarie said...

I think you are incredibly interesting :D And I'm also very jealous of your garden!! And this sister of yours wishes for a little "boredom" right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace said...

I'm so jealous of your garden! Well done you!

I wouldn't want to go to that party're doing pretty well..a merry heart is indeed a good medicine!

Praying for Hope said...

First, you have me craving chinese food. Second, I believe husbands take that failures harder than they show. I remember telling my DH that my cousin and his wife were expecting again just a few month's after his return from Iraq. He ha to leave the room for a few minutes. They try to be strong for us. It's sweet, really, but you hate to have them hold it all in.

Katie said...

A happy heart is really the best cure for anything. I am so glad you are finding peace, and I understand about reading pregnancy posts right now. It's becoming increasingly difficult for me as I get further along in my journey.

Enjoy your break and the happy things in life. You deserve it.

Hannah said...

I'm so glad you have peace with this journey. Enjoyed checking out your book recomendations and hearing about your sisters. Both my sisters (older & younger) are always talking about their kids, which I understand, but it definitely does make me feel left out most of the time.

lowfatlady said...

It really isn't fair how people who don't become careful about everything and follow everything to a t get pregnant. I hope that you enjoy your time trying naturally and that it brings you closer.

Rambler said...

Thank you so much for your support as I go through this wait. I am touched by your kind words.

And I don't even have a pet to talk about. I just talk about my job as the most exicting and new thing when I talk to friends or family members. :)

Hillary said...

Thanks for the book recs - both look like great reads!

So thankful you have peace about trying on your own right now. What a gift from the Lord. Have fun and I will be praying God blesses you in this new season.