Friday, September 17, 2010

so yesterday as i was innocently writing an email, our laptop decided to crash. :-(

good thing i have this phone!

you will be relieved to know that when mixing my wheatgrass powder with v8 fusion, it is pretty much normally drinkable! i know, you couldnt sleep last night worrying about how that was going!


ever since my grandpa passed away, i have been really bad at keeping in touch with my irl friends. it is a super busy time for me at work, and having two dogs is no lazy thing, and it's not even like i have a ton of friends, but i really want to be better at keeping in touch. how do you do it? are you a phone or letter or email person? i think at this point i'd consider myself an email person, but that is probably somewhat unsocial of me...


(complaint ahead) yesterday some kid in our neighborhood was revving his dumb sooped up car engine over and over for like half an hour, and it really made our dogs crazy. this morning, bert was still preoccupied with pacing around the yard listening for the engine noise. he wouldnt even play with banana!! i want to wring that kid's neck and add an ever lovin muffler to his loser mobile!! mr. a says i should lighten up. ugh.


i am 8dpo and SO bloated. have been ever since ovulation actually. i am tired of my favorite shorts not fitting. body, are we pregnant? if not, a heads up would be great because i could really do without the progesterone supposotories for the next week...
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Rach said...

Glad the wheatgrass is working out well! Boo to the noisy engine boy!!

I am a letter person. Pretty much the only person I talk to on the phone is my mom. I do host a party each month though, so I get to keep in touch with my friends. The of course there is FaceBook.

Katie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle. Bloated at 8 dpo is a good sign! Do you have any plans to test?

callmemama said...

Ha, me and Hubby are totally the old grumpy people in the neighborhood :). We always glare at the young kids loitering on the sidewalks (and by loitering, I mean making out), and get pissed when the neighbor's kids play on their scooters on our driveway (the only long one on the street) and get Eddie all riled up. Hubby swears he can't wait until he's 60 so he can sit on the front porch and throw things.

the misfit said...

I any given month, I either keep up with my IRL friends well, or my work well, or my housekeeping well, or my family well, or my blogging well. Sometimes as many as 1.5 of these. Sometimes none. I know I don't manage as well as I ought (and I guess I always keep up with my hulu well, which is part of the problem), but I do wonder whether it is possible to do well all the things we're supposed to do. Remember (before we were born) when the world was simpler, and IRL friends, family, coworkers, interest-group friends, neighbors, and fellow parishioners were ALL THE SAME PEOPLE? And there was no hulu. I bet that made it all easier.