Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So, you may remember that I'm taking wheatgrass to try to naturally balance my body/magically cure my infertility/add nutrients/make great eggies.

And up until now, I'd been taking the tablets- SEVEN per serving, and I tried to do two servings per day! I am not a bad pill-swallower, so it wasn't a big deal, although they don't exactly taste like cherry baby aspirin!!!

And lo and behold, I finished my jar! So I had to get another jar. Because, although I didn't conceive the first month taking the wheatgrass, my friend was taking it three months before she conceived. So I better keep this going. Can't hurt- I need more dark greens in my diet anyway!

But this time I wanted to get the powder, because I hear it is easier for your system to absorb and not as processed. So I ordered this bad boy, and went to make up my first glass of the stuff this morning.


Talk about the tablets and going to eat some grass out of your front yard. That is nothing! Why don't you make a grass puree?! Ha! I took my first swig and thought, how in the dickens am I going to ever drink a glass of this twice a day?! My second swig was followed by near upchuck. Honestly. I think my problem was that I was drinking too slowly. My next few swigs were kind of like big gulps- right down the hatch, and I finished the glass. Whew. Time to go back to my fake (herbal) coffee (which I am also trying, to avoid the caffeine- so far my favorite flavor is hazlenut, big surprise)!

I am going to have to get some amazing juice or something to mix with this stuff. Water is bearable, but barely.

I definitely want to continue taking it- there are alot of health benefits, infertility aside. I think making smoothies and masking the wheatgrass therein is going to be too much effort on my part (says the girl who works at home). I mean, I'd have to drag out the blender, make sure I have enough fruit and milk on hand for two a day, blah blah blah. Plus it says that ideally you should take it by itself to allow your body to absorb all of it instead of competing with other foods.

Here's hoping I don't choke on my next glass, too!


AL said...

ewww, I hope it's an acquired taste?! Sounds awful!

T said...

Wow, you are much stronger than me. My stomach is turning just thinking of it!

Josey said...

Hm...I just had a "Quantum Healer" tell me yesterday that I needed to up my dark green leafy vegetable intake for IF reasons. I think I might try this powder out, as awful as it sounds!

Coco said...

My mother in law grows her own grass and then puts it in her juicer. So she drinks just the full on liquid juice... no sludge. Still tastes the same and has the same benefits but no gagging. Good luck!

Noelle said...

I tried a drink like that and I could only get one gulp down! Good for you for doing the whole thing! I hope that it will all be worth it :)

callmemama said...

Maybe that's why they serve it in "shot" form at juice places? Sounds awful!
Apparently, it's actually gluten-free, despite the name, so I guess I'm not off the hook for trying this one. Maybe one day :).

Rach said...

EWW!! LOL!! I hope you can get use to it.

Hillary said...

Yuck! You're a trooper - I'm totally fine with injecting myself, but I'm a baby about swallowing nasty things. :) I'm impressed and hope you see the benefits soon!

lowfatlady said...

Yuck! That sounds gross. I hope it gets better. I do know people who drink green smoothies that have lots of green stuff in it, but I'm not sure if it has that in it.

Jane said...

Theres a juice place near where I work where you can get it in the "shot" form. I've contemplated it. But... I don't know. I've had friends who've drank it before and it smells just like a freshly mown lawn. Which is a great smell! Just not one that seems fit for human consumption!

Anonymous said...

You should really use Wheatgrass JUICE powder, not just the plain wheatgrass powder.

The juice powder is the actual juice that has been dehydrated. It dissolves quite easily in liquid, whereas the powder just spins in liquid.

Your body is much more easily able to absorb the juice powder than the powder. I used Sweetwheat and got pregnant with IVF a month and a half later. I have DOR and we had great egg quality.

Good luck!