one down, four to go

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

super green healthy dishes, that is.

i am trying to cook more "clean" or "whole", and apparently from my new cookbook on the topic, that includes buying one of every green bunch in the produce section. can you believe i bought collards yesterday?! i have never cooked collards in my whole life! and yet, i have great plans for those suckers and some kale and some spinach under a millet and amaranth crust/topping!! HAAAA!!

poor, Mr. A.

he is a pretty good sport, though. last night i made a soup with alot of chopped spinach (and chickpeas and italian sausage and potatoes and onions and carrots and garlic). he requested a chicken salad sandwich on the side because such a soup could not be filling enough for his manly tummy.

much to my surprise, when he saw the soup ladled into our bowls, he said he probably wouldn't need the sandwich, and he proclaimed himself full after one bowl!

(hope he wasnt just saying that, ha!)

when i do my meal planning, i plan/buy enough for about 15 meals, so luckily for him, the list does include pizza and sloppy joes (dont worry, i'm getting whole wheat buns). but there are four more meals on there that involve copious amounts (maybe not copious, but i've always wanted to use that word more!) of greens and root vegetables that i'm sure he will squinch up his nose at. i'm not even sure i will like a couple of them, but i thought i might as well try something new!

here's to being healthy!


Bridget said...

You are so much better than I am! All I want to do is eat junk food- stupid stress!!

brigittemarie said...

So I definitely want the recipe for that soup you speak of! :D Happy Wednesday!

Barbara said...

I will be right over.........

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I like kale (I have a soup & a pasta recipe I use it in), but collards are kind of hard for me. I do eat them once every 2 weeks, but I do not look forward to it.

Yes, do post some recipes!

Johanna said...

Collards are DH's favorite green. They are too bitter for me. Kale is my favorite...yum! I might get some this weekend!

BTW, really enjoying the food blogs on your blogroll. I'm always on the lookout for new ones!

the misfit said...

Did you LITERALLY buy one of every green bunch in the produce section? Because I think that would make a fascinating exercise in forcing yourself to think outside the box, cuisine-wise. Also, it would make a great challenge on Hell's Kitchen. Even though they use things I've never heard of (well, I've heard of them now), I think they stay pretty well inside their comfort zones. They need to make collards.

Oh, yes, and please share the soup recipe. It sounds a little like the Campbell's "Italian Wedding Soup" recipe that I loooove (I still can't figure out what those adorable white pasta/bean things are) but which I am sure is horrible for me.

callmemama said...

I have a lovely recipe for soup using any kinds of greens you have on hand, and it's so easy! We haven't been eating enough greens either, so tonight I made one of my favorite family recipes - Spinach Madeleine. Cajun-style of course, nice and spicy.

I love reading about your cooking :).

Jess said...

You should post some recipes if you think they are winners!!

Another thing you can do with spinach and other greens is sneak them into things- find a good omelette or pasta recipe and add a bunch of greens- hubby won't even notice! :)