Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my post yesterday! It is good to know that we weren't off base being floored by the quoted homestudy cost.

Because of all your helpful suggestions, I did email the agency and ask if we had to use their satellite office here to do the homestudy. They said if we want to be a part of their program, then yes indeedy, we have to use them. (And I did listen to the fateful message from Monday afternoon, and unless I am again hallucinating, she says very clearly that the cost is $5k. Crazy!) If we want to just sign up with their most preferred clinic (in TN), then the homestudy can be with whomever we want.

Well, if we are just going to sign up with a clinic, we'll sign up with the one 45 minutes from here, not 5 hours from here, thankyouverymuch. Not to mention, our clinic doesn't require a homestudy at all.

And last night, while chowing down on homemade enchiladas from this cookbook, we talked about other stuff, like if we have enough wood left for the rest of the winter (crap, we don't think so) and how the dogs were good pups yesterday (no one tried to eat anything contraband) and how we think it is funny that our financial advisor's annual meeting is at the Golden Corral (HA!!!) and what is going on with our jobs.

But I think here is my suggestion to us: I will go and get established at the clinic close to here and put our names up for any embies that become donated. (My RE and this clinic share the same lab, so they already have access to my file, so I'm hoping the "establishment" will be fairly seamless.) In the meantime, we will begin saving for a potentially big family-expanding bill. If there are embryos that come up for donation, we can decide whether or not to adopt them at that point. If it comes to the time where we have enough saved for the shared risk IVF, then we will go with that. Of course, we will still enter into IVF with the utmost respect for any life that God decides to create during the cycle.

I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time ;-)

Yoga this morning and acupuncture this afternoon- should be a good day!


Bridget said...

I will be praying there are some embryos with your names on them coming soon! Yoga and acupuncture sound fantastic :)

Anna said...

Sounds like a great plan!

Coco said...

I think that sounds perfect. And I LOVE that the meeting is at Golden Corral. Hahaha. Hope yoga is nice. It will help get your energy balanced even before you get to accupuncture!

Johanna said...

Oh, I love Golden Corral's breakfast buffet! Yummmm...

I think your plan sounds like a good one! ;)

Enjoy your relaxing day!

AL said...

Sounds like a great plan - excited for you to get started!

Melissa said...

Oh man, I read your last post...are they crazy?!

I like your plan. And yes, you reserve the right to change your plan :P

I'm really excited for you guys!

p.s. those enchiladas are fantastic!

Sky said...

i made those enchiladas last week! delicious!

and i'll be praying that God brings you a child when and how He desires. that's what i'm praying for me!