Monday, January 24, 2011

My project of super healthy green meals hit a snag last night.

I made this dish with onions, carrots, carrots, corn, peas, KALE, AND COLLARDS last night. Oh, I forgot to mention that it had millet and amaranth for the topping!!! It's from this (mostly) vegan cookbook. Can you believe I bought an almost vegan cookbook when I have a quarter of a cow in my freezer? Hahahaha :)

It used some cool japanese things (mirin, tamari, arrowroot).

I knew this one was a long shot. But maybe if God isn't working miracles with our baby, He would work a food miracle and zap Mr. A into liking dark leafy greens.

Apparently God is just not in the business of sending miracles our way! HA!!

I thought the flavors and textures were really neat. Different than how I usually cook, and I know that those greens are really, really healthy.

I had two bowls!

Mr. A had less than a bite. Then he started making this hilarious I'm-about-to-throw-up face, and I was half laughing and half unimpressed, thinking that he really hadn't given it a chance.

I actually think I will make this recipe again! I will make it when Mr. A is away on business and/or when my super cool vegetarian aunt comes to visit. I will need to half all the ingredients, though, because the full recipe makes a 9x13 dish! HAA!! And the funniest part is that the recipe says "serves 4". I am like, holy cow, these vegetarians eat a TON of greens!!!

I am not being deterred to make all five of the super healthy recipes on my list. Two down, three to go. Hope the next one fairs better in the husband department!


Coco said...

Haha. He sounds like my husband. The only way to get him to eat his veggies is to deep fry them. :) Although I did just make some home made chicken nuggets and snuck some veggie puree in it. He will eat those. :)

Josey said...

The beauty of eating veggies - you can eat a crap ton of them without the calories piling up!

Your hubby definitely needs to eat a FEW bites to actually get an idea of what the dish tastes like!

Anonymous said...

I made chicken liver curry once. And only once, because the look my husband have me was something I never want to see again. It was not anger - it was more like a look of betrayal, lol.
My sister and I really enjoyed it, and ate it all up, but I learned my lesson. To NEVER again feed my husband liver (except for that one time I ground some up and put it in the chili...shh! don't tell on me!).

The Martins said...

I love, love that cookbook! I've never made a recipe in it that I didn't like. Under the Fall section, there is a recipe that I posted on my blog called Three Sisters Deep Dish Pie. It's super tasty and a friend who doesn't eat veggies, loved it. Your hubs just needs to get those taste buds changed. If he loves meat like you say he does, eating vegetables and flavors that are more alkaline will be difficult for a while. I think it's always good to put sweet veggies in recipes for those that aren't used to eating all the bitter greens and other veggies, such as carrots and squashes. The Cranberry Applesauce, Apple Crisp, and Autumn Harvest soup are some other good ones.

brigittemarie said...

hahaa I bet his face was hilarious!!

Barbara said...

Yum!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to taste it!! Also can't wait to tell my daughter when she is lamenting my "olden unlegitness" that I am "super cool!!! lol

Barbara said...
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Jess said...

Boys! It works a lot easier if you sneak them into stuff. I don't get why greens/veg scare them so much. Good for you for giving it a shot, though