Artistic Diversion

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In an effort to take my mind off CD2 and the million-and-one questions I hope to discuss over the phone with my RE and/or his nurse this morning, I am looking forward to a visit from my cousins this weekend, and a visit from my sister next week. It is going to be awesome!!

Speaking of that sister, I will now shamelessly plug her talent as an artist...

Plain and simple, you should check out her etsy site if you have any need or want for some awesome paintings and/or sketches. She does beautiful custom paintings for people, mostly from digital photographs, or she has started making prints of some of her paintings in her "store" that you can choose from!

All the paintings in our home are hers (the first ones are pretty big, and the last three are 5x7 size, and I have them hung horizontally in series). Here are some samples!


Grace in my Heart said...

Wow! She is so talented. Beautiful work! Yesterday I posted a sketch I did when I was 5- haha! Your sister's work is inspiring me to get back into it. :)

Praying for Hope said...

That first painting almost looks like the Market Street Bridge in Harrisburg. I'm sure there are plenty of bridges like that, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Stacey said...

Beautiful paintings!
Hope you enjoy spending time with family in the next few days.

I was sorry to read about your CD1 while getting caught up on your blog today. :( Thinking of you.

brigittemarie said...

Thanks sis!!! Such a good visit last week :)