Way Behind!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow, I suddenly find myself with a ton of updated blogs to read! This is what happens when I actually do work when I'm supposed to??

Today was the first afternoon of volunteering that I really didn't feel fruitful. (How ironic will that be if (if) I turn out to be pregnant? Haha.) There was only one client scheduled to come in for a pregnancy test, but two ultrasounds scheduled, one of which being an existing client of mine. So the other counselor took the new test coming in, so I could be in the ultrasound with my client.

Turns out that my client was measuring barely 6 weeks along, so the nurse could barely see a fetal pole, much less any kind of measurable heartbeat. I could feel my client being worried if everything was okay with the baby (especially since 2 weeks ago, we estimated her to be 4-5 weeks), but the nurse said everything looks fine for a barely-6-week yolk sac, so that seemed to reassure my client. I sure am praying for a healthy baby of hers- she has had 2 miscarriages in the last year. She certainly isn't trying to have kids, but I can't imagine miscarriages hurt any less if you aren't trying. But it was kind of a letdown to start off the afternoon with.

I also witnessed the second ultrasound (one of the center volunteers has to accompany the nurse during ultrasounds). It was also a letdown, but for more annoying reasons than anything else (mom seemed detached, somewhat overprotective/overexcited grandma, coupled with totally emotionally-devoid boyfriend).

After these, I didn't really have anything else to do, and I spent some time reviewing some training material, but I was just really tired and feeling lost. Luckily, it was okay for me to leave a little early, and I did my best to get myself out a funk by making up a yummy turkey meatloaf (all fresh ingredients!!) when I got home. I returned to my funk after dinner, but I have seemed to pull out of it again, just in time to hopefully prepare for a good night's sleep.

I'm sure I was bound to have one of these days at the Center, and next week we are closed for Labor Day, so I have two weeks to rejuvenate myself. I really missed meeting with a new client today. Even though last week's client was a toughie, I still liked talking to her and trying to see what her pressures are versus what she really has going for her, relating to the pregnancy. I hope I can see new clients in 2 weeks!! I am really thankful for the opportunity to serve God in this ministry- it has blessed me in ways I couldn't have imagined!

I think I'll probably start AF tomorrow or Wednesday, but I'm triumphantly here at 13dpo with no spotting in sight! Not that I usually have spotting anyway, but it's probably worth noting. Even if I don't start tomorrow or Wednesday, mark my words that I am not peeing on anything until the weekend at the earliest!!!!


Anonymous said...

your "not peeing on anything..." comment made me smile. ;)

Sew said...

I called to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center and the traning was while I was in Hawaii. The next training isn't until January. :(

It sounds like a great volunteering position! :)

I'm coming over for dinner. :) I can't seem to make turkey taste good as a substitute.

Jen said...

yay for no spotting! i'm praying you don't start AF at all!!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't know if I could handle pregnancies all day long - wanted OR unwanted...

I hope this month is the one for you :)

Erica said...

With Joseph, I didn't "pee on anything :)" until 17 dpo and that was earlier than I had intended. Too hard on the emotions. I'll be praying!!!!!!!

Hillary said...

Hang in there this week, I know time feels like it goes extra slow near the end.