Hectic Week

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I have had a really busy week, and so I feel behind on commenting and posting and everything!! I am doing well (CD3), and getting ready to kick off the third monthly celebration of clomid-pallooza tonight!!

I did get a chance to talk with my RE's nurse yesterday, and Mr. A and I have had some great conversations as to what we'd like to try next and what are the limitations on how much (emotionally, financially) we will invest in trying for a biological child before we move (again) towards adoption. We are very excited and on the same page and continuing to seek where God is leading us right now!

More tomorrow-


prayerfuljourney said...

Yeah...that is great that you and your dh have a plan and are in agreement. Good luck on your clomid palooza monthly celebration. Sounds like such fun (I'm kidding). I guess we have to have some humor with all of this IF stuff. Blessings!!!

Sew said...

Muah! Clomid taken with love! Go clomid! It took 3 clomid rounds and four months for me. Since I took a break in the middle. :) It gets stronger and builds. Clomid alone did great thing for my hormones. :)

the misfit said...

That's the spirit. Maybe the third time IS the charm! Enjoy sex week! :)