Back from our trip

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Banana and I are back! We are so glad to be home and with Mr. A again. I'm so thankful that home is a place I long to be, because I know for many people, that's not the case.

We had a nice time with my sister and extended family (our trip was to go meet up with everyone). Here are some pics:

My grandpa, unfortunately, is steadily declining, and it's just hard to hear that he's in pain. He tries to avoid taking his painki.llers because sometimes they make him feel woozy, but then if he takes them too late, his pain is unmanageable. So, he's resigning himself to taking them on a more regular schedule. Like I said, it's difficult to hear that he's hurting. I just pray that God will protect him from any bizzare pain that can't be controlled. My dad thinks he might not be with us more than another couple of months. Please pray for our family, as I think this next year will hold alot of changes for us!

It was nice to hang out with my cousins and aunts and uncles, though. Now that we're all grown-up's, it's kind of neat to see how we all relate and interact with each other. We're lucky in that we all have a pretty rockin' time together!

I also got to talk with our family friends who, along with their extended families, go on vacation in the same place the same week every year as my family. Their son is my age, and he and I were definitely summer sweethearts because of our families' vacation schedules! We didn't go to the same college, but we definitely kept in touch and during our senior year, there was talk about us trying to date after college. He felt it would be too difficult because he was going to law school a little ways away from where I was moving, and although I was admittedly disappointed at the time, there wasn't much I could do. However, he ended up meeting and marrying a girl who forbids him to have any contact with his family. Like, any. Like, not even his parents were invited to their wedding (I think it was 5-6 years ago.). Yah. As awesome as his parents are (I guess they had their reservations about this girl, and that was her way of dealing with it), I cannot believe that he chose her over them. Cannot believe it. I haven't been on vacation with my family for 6 years, but his parents and I got to talk several times while I was there last week and we even exchanged emails so we could keep in touch. It just breaks my heart of what they've been through, basically losing their son. Their whole family does not even talk about him in any way- my brother asked them how he was doing, and his cousin cut my brother off the minute he mentioned his name. I really hope we can start to email back and forth because they are such fun, amazing people!

And after a great time with everyone, Banana and I had a really smooth drive home yesterday. I am lucky she is such a good car-rider! We are so glad to be back :) Mr. A surprised me and ordered us a new kitchen table set while we were gone! He's going to pick it up soon, and I can't wait! The kitchen table we have now is seriously old- my mentor at work gave it to me 8 years ago after she and her family replaced it in their house! It has kind of retro rolly-chairs and the upholstery (and one of the whole chairs) is in need of repair/replacement. The new set Mr. A ordered is Amis.h-built, and it is beautiful solid wood. So in love with him that he can pick out furniture I like, without me! Ha!!

I had no cell service at the campsite, but I've tried to read and catch up with you guys in the last couple days. Will return to commenting soon! I've been praying for everyone, though. My prayer list is portable and not dependent on cell service!

One thing that I did want to mention is that I've read some blogs lately that characterize IVF as the easy way out. It just burns my heart to read that. While I think it's simple for someone who hasn't been through it to say that IVF is easy, I'd love to hear from someone who did IVF and considered it easy in any way. We made God-honoring decisions during our IVF journey, and it was anything but easy. It was probably one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. I think that from the outside, it seems easy (the successes, that is- it is also easy to forget that God doesn't always choose to bless a couple with a child that way). But I caution people who haven't been through it against labelling those who prayerfully choose IVF as taking the easy way out. God remains the sole Creator of life no matter how you slice it.

I hope everyone has a fun long weekend! Banana is scared of the fireworks, so we will probably spend the next few evenings trying to keep her from hypeventilating. We're considering getting one of these shirts- have you ever used/heard of them?

God bless the USA :)


Rach said...

Praying for you grandpa. Glad you had a nice trip. Poor Banana!

AplusB said...

Your pictures are beautiful and I'm glad you had a nice trip. You sound very refreshed! Although that is so sad about your family friends and their son.
I am so sorry about your grandpa. That must be so hard. Thinking of you and your family.

Lindsey Is Waiting said...

I just ordered a Thundershirt for one of my Chihuahuas! I should be getting it any day now, and I can't wait to try it. My Chi, Paris, is scared of thunderstorms so hopefully it will work for her! I will let you know, but they are based on the Tellington Touch method which has worked to ease anxiety for many pets and I know alot of trainers that swear by it! So it should work!

Trisha said...

So glad you had a nice time! Sounds and looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm really sorry to hear about your Grandpa; almost sounds like we're in the same spot with Tommy's Grandma and it's so hard to see them hurting! That's terrible about your friend and his family. I can't imagine making someone decide to choose me or their family.

You know my IVF story and it was, I would say, the most difficult decision we've ever made together as a couple. Even if everything goes perfect, there's still the emotional roller coaster that goes along with it. Will my numbers rise? Will the medicine work? Will there be enough eggs? Will they get fertilized? Will they survive? In no way was any of that easy. Then add in the complication of it working but you may be miscarrying and it takes on a whole new level of worry.

I'm interested in those shirts. Bailey is scared of storms/fireworks too so you'll have to let me know what you decide. Happy 4th!

Coco said...

What a beautiful campsite! Wow! I'm so glad you had a good time with your family. Sorry to hear your grandpa is having such a hard time! I know it's so hard to see them in pain. I will pray for him, and you, and your family through this difficult time. My dad spiked a high fever again today after chemo, and was supposed to go to the ER, but like your grandpa, he's too stubborn and independent. So we had to bring it down the "old fashioned" way. Still watching him closely.

So sad about your old beau choosing to cut ties with family. That's the hardest thing. My older brother did something very similar when he got married. Took 16 years, and his divorce to get him talking to any of us again. Still a long way to go in repairing those relationships, but they are worth it. Family is worth fighting for.

I think it's sad that anyone would judge IVF as being the "easy way." All of us have to follow the path that God has laid at our feet, and none of them are easy.

Coco said...

Oh and I totally want one of those doggie shirts!!! Let me know if you get one and how it works!

HollyT said...

Thinking of you and your family.

I'm glad the trip was nice and the pictures are beautiful. I think anybody going through this knows the truth. As someone who is slowly climbing the ladder of treatment IVF is not something I'd ever characterize as the easy way out. I know for us it'll be one of the biggest decisions we'll make and one of the hardest experiences we'll go through.

Stacey said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a nice trip and still looked forward to coming home!

Praying for your dear grandpa.

lowfatlady said...

So glad you had a great trip. We visited my husbands grandfather in his nursing home during our trip so I know what you mean.

the misfit said...

Sounds like a great trip (Banana looks adorable, as usual). So sad to hear about your friend's family. Will be praying for your grandfather!

suchagoodegg said...

Welcome home (belatedly). I love your pics and it sounds like it was a wonderful trip. What a sad thing about your friends' son. I hope that situation mends/improves. And I hope Banana wasn't spooked by the fireworks this weekend!!

Becky said...

Welcome back! I am sorry to hear your grandpa is not doing well and will keep him and your family in prayer. I am glad you were able to have a wonderful time with your family (and Banana of course!)

You will have to post a pic of your table. I bet its gorgeous - I love Amish furniture.

I find it hard to believe (and sad) that anyone would characterize IVF as the easy way out. The decision to do IVF was one of the most difficult and agonizing decisions we ever made. The process itself was also incredibly difficult - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I think people often forget that IVF is not a sure-fire way to a baby. For many it brings the devastation of a negative.

P.S. I sent you an email - hopefully you received it.

Andrea said...

I'm glad you had such a good trip!

That is crazy about your friend's family/wife. The sad thing is that my husband and I might stop seeing his parents. I hate that it will seem like I'm keeping him from them, but we've had problems with them since we started dating over 8 years ago and now they are taking out their aggression on Evan, so I think it might be best to end our "relationship" with them. Such a sad situation...

I will keep your family in my prayers. I hope your grandpa will have as easy a time as he can over the next few months. *HUG*