Sunday, February 07, 2010

I think someone mixed in some enormous dose of impatience with my progesterone this time! I am going crazy here! I am amazed at how such simple things are driving me crazy, to the point where I try several times to let it go, and then I turn around and am focused on it again!

I told Mr. A I was going to write a vent post about our !@#$^ neighbors, and he said "Where? On your Christian blog?!" HA! Touche.


Vents are inevitable. Are vents unChristian??

To give some background, our across-the-street !@#%^ neighbors, or at least the wife, are middle-aged gossip hounds. When we first went over to their house for dinner a few months after we moved in (2 years ago), she voluntarily filled us in on all her coniving nicknames for the people on our street and any dirt she and our old-lady neighbor (to the right of us) had dug up on people. Our neighbors (let's call the the "W's") moved here maybe 15 years ago from CA, and I think they have this impression that they are better, classier, more professional, and better (did I say that already?) than anyone else. (Not that that's how everyone from CA thinks, just the W's...) Like, our neighbors to the left of us are from West Virginia and are maybe not the most refined people, but they are decent and friendly, but Mrs. W will only refer to them as "West Virginia's", not their names. Condescending, no? Maybe I'm just hopped up on progesterone...

Anyway, supposedly they moved here with a group of people from CA to start a church here. Well, they ended up having some personal issues with one of the other group members, so they ditched that church and have yet to find another one. (She once told me "It's nice to take a break from church- we were so involved for such a time"... Gee, hope God doesn't take a break 'cause He's tired...)

Weird tie-in is that the director of the pregnancy center where I volunteer is (I think) one of the people who moved with the W's from CA to start the church here. I don't know exactly if it's her that the W's disagred with, though.

In October, our neighborhood does this secret "Boo" program where you "Boo" your neighbors, and then they "Boo" other people, all without people knowing who "Boo'ed" who. Well, we "Boo'ed" the W's, and they did not participate!!! I was floored. Are they too good to take part in a fun neighborhood game? I couldn't believe it.

THEN, our pregnancy center is starting a new training class and we were encouraged to invite two people to volunteer. So I thought, hey, maybe I'll ask her- I know she is (used to be?) a Christian, and maybe it would be a ministry that she would like to be a part of and maybe help her make some connections to get back into some weekly Worship. Well, I gave her an invitation, and she immediately seemed uncomfortable. I don't know what is in her past that might have contributed to that, but all she could say was that she'd "pray about it", but it was by far the most hollow "pray about it" I have ever received. (Huge subjective interpretation, I know. Of course I don't know her heart.) I was so mad I wasted an invitation on her. She did eventually email (email!) me and say that she had decided not to volunteer since she had held positions like that in the past and she didn't think it'd fit right now. I have never felt so patronized in my life.

THEN, on Friday, after it had snowed 4", Mr. W was out there using their snowblower on the W's driveway. You should have seen how annoyed I was (hello, progesterone!) that he was snowblowing 4", when the storm total was going to be 20"!!! HA! I was cracking myself up. I knew I shouldn't have been so annoyed, but I just couldn't help myself. Anyway, he was out there snowblowing again yesterday snowblowing (their driveway and the old lady's driveway in no time flat) as Mr. A was cleaining off his truck. Did he offer to let Mr. A use the snowblower, as our driveway was completely covered in snow? Nope. Then about an hour ago, we were out there shovelling and cleaning off my car. Did they come and offer that we could use their snowblower? Nope!

UGH!! I am so done with them. Mr. A thinks I'm being ridiculous. I feel like they're in their house looking out the window laughing at us. Don't they know it's debatable as to whether I should be shovelling snow at 3dpo!?!?!?!? (Hahahahahahaha....)

I am sick of feeling like they think they're better than us. I have tried to stop being so mad about this. I know I shouldn't be mad, or even annoyed, but it's going to take a long time for me to get over this.

For Mr. A's sake, please pray that I can let this go soon! Hahaha!! I think he's getting tired of me being annoyed! (Since it's fairly uncharacteristic for me!)

Damn pregnancy hormones.



Jessica said...

I know this sounds horrible, but I don't even know my neighbors...ha! I do this on purpose because I am interacting with people allll day everyday, and when I come's me time. I don't want to feel obligated to socialize, etc. if I've had a bad day!!! Plus, people are so dang nosy! Is that bad?!? If I were you, I would just go on with your own business and let them be that way. I hope you get to feeling better soon...those hormones are a b$#%@!!!

Hillary said...

What the heck?! I would be annoyed too - I'm sorry. :(

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I know the hormones can make you go crazy, but sometimes you just do not click with people. It’s okay. These neighbors don’t sound like a good fit for you. Wave occasionally and other than that, ignore them.

(BTW: I did not participate in Booing one year. I feel bad, but I was swamped and working until 8-9 every night. These neighbors don't sound like they have a good excuse, but some do.)

Anonymous said...

Ugh that sounds so annoying!!! I hope you are able to let it go soon so you don't have to be annoyed the rest of the day. I know sometimes things just get to me and I can't let it go, but eventually I'm able too. Hang in there!

Shanny said...

Oh sweetie I would be annoyed too, vent all you want and release some of that build up... its not good for the baby =) ::fingers crossed::

Noelle said...

They sound very annoying! I am just like the previous poster, in that I don't get to know my neighbors because I don't want to be annoyed! In my last neighborhood, my next-door neighbor had a son who would play his drums horribly every single day. It got so bad, and when it was time to move, I had to disclose that issue to my buyers. It makes me cringe thinking about them. They were Christians too, but many times their behavior was so hurtful and just icky.

I think it is just fine to vent sometimes. My blog post today is one big vent.

I hope it is your pregnancy hormones :)

Thankful said...

Your neighbors sound very self-centered - don't waste your baby-growing energies on them! Take a deep breath, go make a snow angel, and say a prayer for them. Prayers for you and DH with this IUI!

Praying for Hope said...

No, vents aren't un-Christian. They keep you sane and prevent you from doing some very un-Christian things to the neighbors. Some neighbors can be seriously annoying. The sad thing about it is that you can't just go home and escape them.

Emily said...

The joys of out of control hormones! God bless anyone that crosses a progesterone pumped ladies path!

PS-I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award on my page. Check out my blog for details.

Stacey said...

I think sometimes everybody needs a good vent! Sorry you are dealing with those hormones. Even without that as a good excuse, sometimes I just vent away (usually to my poor husband)!

Just yesterday I had a run-in with someone at church (of all places), which caused me to rail against her for the rest of the afternoon. She was being utterly condescending and rude and it made me so mad! I'm still not over it!

I say it's your blog, so go right ahead and vent! We're here to listen! :)

AplusB said...

This post made me laugh - you have every right to be annoyed...I can't believe you're even feeling guilty about it! This is one of the reasons we have blogs, so vent away :)