The CR-Y

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh Honda, you sure missed a great marketing opportunity.

We (Mr. A and I) are very interested in the new CR-Z. Mr. A's very first car was a red CR-X, and he loved that car for its sportiness then and wishes he still had it now, for love of its amazing gas mileageness.

When we first saw a commercial for the new CR-Z, I wondered aloud why they didn't just pick the next letter of the alphabet, but then I realized that it'd have spelled "CRY", and who wants to name their new sporty car that?

Except, that Honda is missing an opportunity to have a shot at a monopoly on the infertile car market.

We all remember those damn darn Routon Boom commercials. They still get my blood pumping (when I remember them) and make me want to throw things at the TV. How dare Volkswagen set forth that people will have broods of children just to buy their stinkin van!! And further, how dare they portray that it is just that easy. Mark my words, I will never buy one of their cars based on principle!!

But this is where the CR-Y would come into play!! If Volkswagen can assume that there are enough fertile people in this world to come up with a whole campaign playing right into all the stereotypes, then Honda, you can, too!!

There are several aspects of the CR-Z (CR-Y for my purposes) that are excellent for infertile people:
  • Seating capacity of 2? No problem! No need to make room for baby seats with us
  • Cargo room of only 25.1 (as compared to the at least 140-something of the Oddessy!)? That will be perfect. All we have to cart around are our dreams, which are so broken and beaten by now that they fit into very small spaces
  • Manual transmission is fine since there is no need to keep a hand free to find that errant pacifier
  • Starting at $20k allows us to still pay for another round of IUI or IVF or schedule some fancy vacations that are brought to us by our lack of offspring
  • All infertile's are very familiar with the word "CRY". In fact, we will probably (many a time) cry in our CR-Y. Maybe you could incorporate a tissue holder instead of a third cup holder?
  • While our fertile friends are away scheduling play dates, our infertility actually could get put to use, as we star in ground-breaking CR-Y commercials...
So there you have it. If only I worked at Honda, I might have been able to secure our infertile niche in the car world. Until they see this post and realize what a great addition to their team I'd be, we'll have to settle for gut-wrenching family love-oozing minivan obnoxiousness!

Who is with me on this great idea of mine?! ;-)


callmemama said...

I love it! So funny :).

I keep telling Hubby that we're only buying family vehicles from now on - we're going to fill them with kids one way or another. Sort of like a "if you build it they will come" scenario. I've been staring longingly at minivans lately. Ask me 10 years ago if I ever would want to drive a minivan and I would have laughed in your face!

TeeJay said...

I'm with you! I vowed to never own a minivan. BJ and I talked about what we'd do if our IVF worked and we ended up with twins (plus the Little Guy). I told him that I'd buy an extended SUV before I ever bought a minivan. I get bitter when I see the minivans with all the sports stickers and the family decals on the back. You know the ones...the dad, the mom and all the kids and pets lined up. Ugh. Sign me up for a CR-Y.

Coco said...

Hahaha! Too clever. I would totally buy a CR-Y.... if my fave dog wasn't the English Mastiff. LOL.

lowfatlady said...

Hah this is cute. I love honda's and my next car will be a honda cr-v. I don't remember seeing that commercial but I do remember getting mad at car commercials because pregnant women were shopping for a bigger car.

Jennifer said...

Me! I'm with you! What a great post. I think you missed your calling in advertising. :)

Trisha said...

Too funny! I think you missed your calling :) I think you should film your own rendition of a commercial and send it to them.

hollytraveling said...

Love it!Hah, I would totally cry in my CR-Y. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who wanted to chuck something at the TV when it came to pregnant people buying a car. Honda should snatch you up.

brigittemarie said...

You are so creative!!! And I also hated those commericals...ridiculous!

Maybe a Honda rep will stumble upon your blog :P