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Saturday, October 09, 2010

I hope that you all will forgive me for not commenting lately! Our new macbook should be arriving this coming week!!! I cant wait to get back into all your journneys. I have not stopped praying for you!

I so appreciate all your prayers, support, encouragement, and good thoughts. I think the fog has lifted for now, thank God (literally)!

Today was so great. Mr. A and I had an awesome time hanging out with my friend, her hub, and their daughter (2 yrs). They are precious friends, and you would not believe how cute it was when Mr. A "found" a lego person in their daughter's ear! She was so worried! It was so cute- how do kids think that magic trick is real?! What an awesome afternoon!

To tease you with posts i plan to write on my new laptop, here are some topics:
*guest post from Bert
*giveaway of my new favorite natural product
*new car review
*adventures in freezer jam

Stay tuned!!
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lowfatlady said...

Yea for a new computer ;) so exciting.

Toni said...

Love the ear trick. Guest post from Bert...sounds fun.

The Wife said...

Yay for Macbooks! Hope you're doing well and I miss living up there.

brigittemarie said...

Happy Monday!

Looking forward to new posts and give-aways :)

callmemama said...

Glad you're getting a new 'puter. Can't wait to hear from you!

Trisha said...

So glad the fog has lifted!