Guest Post (Bert)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello, I am only 10.5 months old right now, so this is my first letter I've ever written, so forgive me if I don't have all the speling right. (This will be quick because it is raining outside, and this is a prime napping morning!)

Up until 2.5 months ago, I lived my whole life in a shelter. People would come see me, and then they would never come back for me. It was really frustrating because I am so friendly and I tried to make a good impression. But then one afternoon when it was thundering and raining really hard, two people came to see me and brought their other dog. In the small room at the shelter, we all met. I really liked their dog, and they could tell I was a great dog. But then they left again. I went back to my kennel at the shelter and wondered if I'd ever see them again or if it'd be like all the other families.

Much to my excitement, the very next day the man came back!!! He filled out some paperwork, and then he gave me my very own fancy collar with a shiny nametag with MY name!!! He led me outside- could this be it?! He opened the door to some kind of box and wanted me to get inside, but I was nervous- what was this thing- I had no idea?! He opened a bag of treats and put one on the seat. I hopped right in- I'll do anything for a treat!

I am SO happy to be home. It took my sister (Banana) a few weeks to get warmed up to how much I want to play, but now she wants to play just as much as I do. We take a walk all together first thing after I get up, and then we go outside every morning after breakfast (except today because it is raining) and we smell around the yard and run after each other. It is so nice to have someone to always play with! Then we come inside and take naps next to each other on the couch or chair. We really have to curl up tight to both fit on the chair, but it is so cozy!! And the rest of the day is spent snoozing and maybe playing with some toys. Then my dad comes home from work and we all go for a walk. Then we eat dinner, play outside some more, and come to rest at the end of each day cuddled on the couch again.

My mom said that she'd love to post some pictures of us, but their computer just broke so they lost all of their pictures. She promises to take more so you can see me and Banana!!

Sometimes, especially when I am dozing next to my sister on the most comfortable couch on the planet, or when we are running gleefully around the yard, I think back to when I didn't know my family. I woke up every day for 8 months hoping it'd be the day I'd get to go home like some of my other friends there. Eight months is a long time to keep hoping. My mom says that I probably got discouraged the same way she does, but look at what a happy ending the 4 of us are. I have loved being here, learning the things that they are teaching me, playing with Banana, and being safe and cozy. I have tried my best to be the best boy I can be, and my mom and dad tell me all the time that I am a very good boy! Except when I bark at rabbits (that I smell) when we are walking in the pitch black at 6am....

Okay, I'm getting sleepy, so I better sign off. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I will write again soon!

Love, Bert

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Thankful said...

Well done, Bert! The line about people visiting you and then not coming back broke my heart. So glad that you have found such a great family - with a sister, too!

Jessica said...

Sounds like Bert is really enjoying his new family!!

brigittemarie said...

SO happy for you Bert! I bet you make your mom and dad and sister so happy :)

Jane said...

Great post, Bert! I'm so glad you're happy with your new family!