Antagonistic Mail

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I think my insurance company hates me.

It never fails. At least three time in the last year and always when I'm in the 2ww, they send me this mailer.

On the front is this woman, with a hint of wonder in her eyes, clearly pondering something. It says beneath her face "Are you ready for a New Adventure?"

Cue the eye roll.

Then you open it and it says "Motherhood is one of life's greatest accomplishments...." and although there are tons of other words on the page, I am obviously unable to read any further!!!

They have this healthy pregnancy program, and if you are thinking of having a baby, you should call now and they will send you this packet of stuff which is clearly applicable to the rest of the general population who can have babies at their earliest whim!!!


Can't they review the tons of claims that have been filed in the last 2 years and logically conclude that I do not need this kind of material!?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I get those too. BARF indeed.

Surely said...

Arg! Does the ins company at least cover infertility treatments so that you can even begin thus new adventure?

Enfamil sent my unborn some formula in the mail. Serious hate mail.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Really, they couldn't put the pieces together there? Jerks.

Coco said...

Puke. Sorry. So lame. You should write a "love note" in black marker over the words... explaining the situation... and put "return to sender." It'll kinda be like a letter to Santa, you know that no one will ever read it and it won't make a difference, but it might make you feel better. Either that or rip it into teeny tiny pieces and burn it.

Jennifer said...

Ugh! What's wrong with insurance companies?!! There are so many commercials and ads this time of year geared towards families with babies. I almost hate to watch tv!

AL said...


Salt in open wound :-(