T-minus 3 hours

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My appointment is at 1:45pm. Today is cold and rainy and gray. Hopefully the session will not be the same!!

From the material they sent with my forms, it seems like even if I were to call to try to get authorization, they may not approve because it's not for a medical diagnosis, e.g. bipolar, depression. I mean, of course infertility sucks the life out of you and then stomps on your soul, but it's not like I am thinking about jumping off a bridge (no joking about that intended).

And I think calling and putting it out there that I was thinking of going, and then being denied, and having the request STILL be in my file would be one of my least desired outcomes. So I will gladly self-pay to see what it will all be about. I think the sessions are an hour long, and it is kind of funny when I think of all the infertility crap I could unload on this poor girl. I could probably talk the whole hour without her getting a word in edgewise! We'll see how it goes.

She better not be pregnant. ;-)


Rain Child said...

Good luck!!! I hope the appointment is going well.

Katie said...

I asked ahead of time to make sure my counselor wasn't pregnant. Yes, I'm that crazy!!! Good luck! I hope everything is going well.

AplusB said...

Good luck! Yeah, she better not be pregnant!

the misfit said...

She better not! Ooh, that didn't even cross my mind. Surely they'd know better than that...?

You have to let us know how it goes.

Coco said...

Hope it's a good session, and I hope she's not pregnant. If she is, then you definitely need a different counselor! Praying for you.