Coming together

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well, all our gifts are wrapped (except Bert's and Banana's, what is the point?), all my errands have been run, all I have left to do is bake cinnamon rolls for the neighbors and clean up the house and make up the beds. YAY.

My sister and I talked on Sunday night, and I think she honestly didn't realize how much I was looking forward to Hangoutapalooza 2010. She clearly doesn't read this blog ;-) I still don't think they will stay (her lame excuse is that they "wanted to avoid packing a bag"...well excuse me if the entire rest of your family is staying together 30 minutes away and it is too much of an inconvenience to pack 3 changes of clothes!!!), but my parents are staying less days than we thought they were, so there is actually not that many other dinner opportunities, so I think I will be able to host those and the fun afterwards.

After all, I just bought a case from the winery down the road (4 Traminette's for you, B! Haha). Lord knows I'm not supposed to have that much alcohol!

I had a wonderful acupuncture session today, and my practitioner made all her clients rose quarts bracelets! I feel very at peace right now, and excited about my day of baking and straightening up tomorrow. There is a chance my parents will arrive late tomorrow night, which I think would be cool because the first thing they will see is the blue lights in honor of grandpa...

And speaking of grandpa, please keep grandma in your prayers. She is feeling very depressed and lonely this Christmas. It is easy for me to say "well, he is looking down upon us and smiling", but I know those words might be hollow if it were me who just lost my husband of sixty years.

As for this cycle, I am in denial that I am almost at the of the 2ww. Seriously. It would be so perfect for things to turn out differently, but they never do. I am fully expecting to start on Friday morning and to never have an empty glass the rest of the weekend. I have a hard time thinking that God is going to allow me to experience such a sense of failure when the rest of the church is filled with other people's accomplishments.

Will keep you posted! I've been wanting to take pictures, but we just got a new camera and I haven't plugged it into our computer to get the photos off yet. Hopefully soon!


callmemama said...

Glad you were able to talk to your sister - hopefully everything goes smoothly now!

Trisha said...

I hope you guys have a great time together! Remember to delight in those accomplishments because you do have them! :) I know God has something great in store for you. I can't wait to see how He reveals that to you.

the misfit said...

Yes! Want to see pictures! And I'm glad you were able to work things out with your sister. Probably better than being passive-aggressive :).

Coco said...

So glad things are working out for your sister! And yeah, that's totally a lame excuse. My sister lives less than 10 minutes from me, and she's still packing an overnight bag for the festivities. But, at least everything else seems to have worked out. Here's to wishing you either a very pregnant or a very drunk Christmas. ;)

lowfatlady said...

I'm glad you and your sister were able to talk about things and you are feeling a little better. I hope you all have a great holiday.