Saturday, December 04, 2010

Well, Mr. A thought the covers looked weird, so I folded them so they are only on the top... I will post a daytime photo tomorrow!

Hopefully it looks okay with the shelves showing! There was something that bugged me about the covers too, so this way is good with me!
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RMCarter said...

Looks good! Is that The Office on the TV?? Nice! :D

Thankful said...

Very cozy and festive! I could totally dig a cup of hot cocoa in this room.

callmemama said...

I like both ways, but you might like the covers better if they were a stiffer fabric, or if you folded and tacked the fabric you have to the front of the shelves to make them lie flatter. Just an idea, anyway :).
And yes, your living room looks totally cozy. Wood stoves are the best!

Rach said...

Looks so warm and inviting!

Melissa said...

Your place looks so warm and cozy!