Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seriously, how does a free promotional issue of Parents magazine find its way to MY mailbox? Any inexperienced infertile would take this as a sign (swoon!!!!), but I have been around the block enough to know that this is just a sick joke. Even sicker given that Christmas is next week. Ha!!

What do you think, do I want a subscription?


But maybe since I had so much fun babysitting my dear friend O's baby girl (okay, I think she's three, does that qualify as a baby?), I should sign up for the magazine. Hehe.

In all actuality, me and Mr. A did have a blast babysitting on Saturday night while our friends celebrated their anniversary in the cute little town just west of here. I held our little charge on my lap while we were eating dinner, and thanks to eating with my left hand, I have never dropped so much food on the floor (Bert and Banana were thrilled!). We played toys with her and we read books to her and we got her to bed like old pro's. Now to get us one of them kids!!!

We've been having a pretty good Advent, spiritually-speaking. Although of course every time I hear about the "miracle of Christmas" or "the child we have all been waiting for" or "we are waiting in silence for the joy that is going to change our lives" my first thought is that they are talking about us finding out we are expecting a healthy baby. Haha. What, that isn't what the Bible is talking about? Ha!

But in reality, focusing on giving is helping me get my mind in the Christmas season. God gave us the gift of His Son, and it has really helped me to meditate on that, as well as think of what gifts we we be giving friends and family- it makes me happy to think of how those gifts might make a difference (even it it seems like a small or day-to-day one) in their lives.

As for thinking of myself this Christmas, it is all I can do to prepare myself now to be having CD1 on Christmas Eve. I am not even kidding. If I have to be infertile, I don't know why I need to have the additional agony of being reminded in bright red (get it?) that I AM NOT A MOM on freakin' Christmas Eve. Someone pass me a Manhattan.

But I digress, as this was supposed to be fairly upbeat post! Our tree is up, I am making cookies on Thursday, and most of our gifts have been purchased- now I just need to wrap them all. Did I mention that I made myself a list of things to do each day before my family gets here, and remarkably, I am exactly on track! We'll see how long I can keep it up!


lowfatlady said...

Yea for having a list and keeping to it. So sorry af is going to show up then. What crazy timing.

Hillary said...

I am so impressed with your list - and that you are sticking to it! And a little jealous, too ;)

Thankful you are experiencing some good things this advent season, but continuing to pray for you in the midst of all the pain and difficulty too.

Trisha said...

I got one of those magazines too, when we were going through fertility treatments. It is odd that they just randomly appear like that. I hope you'll need to put it to use soon! Praying for you!

Rain Child said...

Good for you for keeping up with your list. It also sounds like you are doing an amazing job at keeping the holiday spirit! Congrats.

hollytraveling said...

I'm dedicating my Christmas wish to you, because you just shouldn't get your period on Christmas Eve.

I've never been on track with any list my entire life. I'm in awe of you.

the misfit said...

I am impressed with your list. I am sooo close to being done with presents, but after I placed orders for everyone but my brother and sister and got to the post office, I kind of let myself off the hook. So I have just enough shopping left to do (just my brother and sister, and one thing for my DH) that I can enjoy it.

CD1 on Christmas Eve: I don't know how you prepare for that. It's just not very nice.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I love your list! I'm a list maker and have a 4 day plan for holiday dinners (even though I don't have a huge family to cook for). Everyone picks on me about it, but I'm never stressed, holidays go off smoothly, dinner is on time. List makers make the world run better ;)

I hate the random mail. Remember when I got the free sample of baby formula? We are the last people to need a slap in the face!

Coco said...

Wow, so impressed. I'm getting ready for my family coming... by sitting and reading blogs. :) They'll all be here Sunday, and I haven't done A THING yet. *sigh*

And you have the most amazing attitude. I wish I could be that faithful. And as for CD1 being on Christmas Eve... Maybe a nice chorus of "I'm dreaming of a RED Christmas" is in order? *hugs*

Whitney said...

I HATE when I get baby magazines. On a good day I throw them across the room. On a bad day, I throw myself across the room and cry in a heap on my couch. Seriously, what kind of sick joke IS that?