Nursery Tour

Monday, September 05, 2011

Thank you to everyone who was so encouraging on my last post :) I turned in the 24-hr urine collection Saturday at 10am, and paged the midwife to check the results at 730pm that night. She said she would check and call if any of the results warranted further action before my next checkup at 36w6d. So far, she has not called, so I am hanging onto "no news is good news"... I am still bummed about the high blood pressure, but I'm hoping it was just a fluke. I don't have any other symptoms of high blood pressure (no swelling, dizzy vision, headaches, etc.), so I'm thankful for that!

Now onto more fun things, I think baby girl's nursery is done! Here is a photo tour! (Descriptions below each picture.)

Baby's corner in our room. Mr. A was going to make a cradle, but he has been so busy with work that he just hasn't had the time. We do have the cradle pad in case he gets inspired in the next few weeks!

Entry view of the nursery. Baby's hospital bag is packed and ready to go (on the rocker)!! We have 2 blankets, 4 outfits, 3 cloth diapers, 2 diaper covers, 2 hats, and 2 sets of booties for her!

Nursing/Rocking corner. On the nightstand is her box of board books. The top drawer of the nightstand contains things for me (e.g., nursing pads, lotion/cream, maybe a book). The middle drawer contains burp cloths. The bottom drawer contains more (bigger) books.

Changing area!! On the wall is a Guardian Angel print and a collage frame for family pictures (if they ever send them to me....) We have the diaper pail to the left of the dresser. On top of the dresser on the far left is her diaper organizer with three compartments: hair stuff, diaper lotion/spray, and snappi's/pins. Moving to the right is 2 stacks of cloth wipes (we will spray a wipe to moisten it before using it on her bum), a stuffed sheep and doll, and the changing pad.

The top drawer of her dresser holds prefolds and "disposable" diaper liners (which I made from cut-up old tshirts) for the first few days of meconium or whenever we'd like to use a liner we can throw away. The middle drawer holds newborn-3 months onesies and pants. The bottom drawer holds receiving blankets, swaddlers, and flat diapers.

The compartment to the right has two shelves: top shelf holds a bin with diaper covers and our three newborn all-in-one diapers and five fitted diapers. Bottom shelf holds a bin with hats and socks and our two pocket diapers (which are too big to be used just yet).

Her closet!! On the very top shelf on the left is our car seat cover for winter, and the pack n' play bag. To the right are three boxes with extra clothes- one is empty, one holds 3-6 month clothes, and one holds 6-9 month clothes. I'm hoping these will help me keep all the sizes organized!

Hanging on the top rail (left to right) are jackets/sweaters, extra hangers, and newborn-3 months dressers/jumpers/sleepers/sleep sacks.

On the shelf (left to right) are the downstairs changing area supplies (have to set this up and bring these bins downstairs), a bin holding pack n' play sheets and cradle sheets and extra diaper potion concentrate and witchhazel for mixing, a bin holding crib sheets, and a keepsake box holding the quilt that Mr. A's mom made for baby girl.

Hanging on the bottom rail (left to right) are two robes, and an organizer for towels/washcloths, and special blankets.

On the floor (left to right) is the baby tub, the small diaper bag, and the hamper for dirty clothes.


It is so exciting to have her room ready! We hope she will be very comfortable in here- we sure have had fun getting it set up!!


And, I think we have decided on her name! Since I refer to everyone with their first initial, she is baby M!!! So exciting. We feel so blessed :)


Miss Mac said...

The nursery is beautiful, organized and just missing Baby M! She will love it... and this is inspiration for me to get busy too!

Jessica said...

I love it! Very organized and cute!

Coco said...

Wow! So cute and SO ORGANIZED! Haha. You'd probably have a heart attack if you came into mine. LOL. I'm all... um some stuff is in this drawer, I think it might be 3 month clothes but I can't remember.... Haha. Wish I were more organized, but I'm just no good at it. Clean, but not organized. :) Glad you have everything all set up and can just relax and enjoy the last few weeks. :)

Hello there! said...

Baby M is soo lucky!! And I hope those family members send you their pictures soon ;)

Josey said...

OMG - I am so jealous of your closet. I NEED to kick my husband out of his closet so I can start organizing for baby stuff. The nursery looks great!

Hillary said...

Lovely! SO excited that your little girl is almost here! :)

Trisha said...

I didn't get to comment on your last post but I bet your blood pressure is because you get nervous/anxious at those appointments! I'm sure everything is fine. I LOVE the room, it looks great! I have specific drawers for everything in Garrett's room too and it does make it easier. The first week or so after bringing him home it didn't look that way :) but once we got into a routine I've been able to keep it that way.

Baby M???? I thought you were naming her after me :) ha ha!

Lady Grey said...

So funny, when I read about Baby M I though, "oh, what a cute initial". Haha, all letters are cute when they are attached to a beautiful soon to be born little baby girl. The room looks great, congratulations, so happy to have got to this point :)

Praying for Hope said...

Everything is so neat and organized. You're going to have a ball when she comes. Even sleep deprived, you're going to enjoy every last moment. This is exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so organized! We still don't have a clothing rod hung in our nursery closet yet, lol.
Looks great - so cute!

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

What a beautiful nursery, I love all the personal touches!