Well this is just great. (Sarcasm)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I had a very annoying day yesterday. Everything was getting under my skin!!! Let's recap, for fun ;-)

1. Instead of going out to greet her doggy friends, now Banana just stands next to me in the front yard and barks at them. Maybe she is ramping up her protection instinct, but it is annoying to have her barking so much all of a sudden.

2. I have suspected for a few days that the fridge is not working properly. Yesterday, it was definitely not cooling like it was supposed to, and I told Mr. A and said I was going to call a repair man. I think he thought I was just being fussy and said he would look at it when he got home. Well by the time he got home, it was barely cold in there (the freezer part seems to work just fine). AND he discovered that the whole fridge is swelling or something, to the point where it is jammed up against the cabinet next to it, so we can't even roll it out to see what's behind it. GREAT. After all the extra food I've gotten and made, and with the new baby coming, and with the throngs of out of town guests waiting with baited breath for when they can come stay with us, our fridge is crapped out. GREAT. We moved all the food from the freezer to the garage freezer, and put all the ice and ice packs in the fridge part, to try to keep it as cool as possible in there until we can get a repair man. So now I'm waiting until 8:30am to call and see if they can come out today before all our food spoils (probably some is already bad).

{3. Because I can't call until 8:30am today, I will probably miss my yoga class this morning :( }

4. Our yard (particularly the bushes and trees and WEEDS) is out of control. I haven't really kept up with it like I usually do (it's not like I haven't been active in other ways during my pregnancy, I guess I've just been busy doing other things), and Mr. A could literally care less about the state of the grass or landscaping, so it has been sorely neglected all summer. The bushes are completely raggedy and the trees need trimming, and the yard needs mowing. I think it looks awful. UGH. Again, right before company comes, wonderful! Our yard looks like crap. (Mr. A doesn't think it looks bad, but again, he could care less about any of that kind of stuff.)

5. Mr. A is just really busy. Between work changes (his company split in two and his half is getting itself situated to be on its own two feet), and his new hobby of flying (taking pilot's lessons), he's been getting home past normal dinnertime most days recently, and it's just getting a little old. Especially with regard to the flying lessons, I haven't really minded that much because it's something he has wanted to do his whole life and he is great at it, and he probably won't be able to spend as much time on it after Maryanne is born, but it would be nice to have dinner together at a normal time again, instead of at 8:30pm or something. And all the extra work hours are just plain annoying.

So you may be able to imagine that I was just not a happy camper last night. Stupid Murphy's Law! Mr. A says I'm just nesting and that is why all this little stuff is getting to me, and maybe so. A few days ago, our house was perfectly in order for this baby and for everyone coming to meet her, and now I feel like it is all in disarray (e.g., my precious freezer stock lists are all wrong now!!!), and messy and jumbled and not prepared. Mr. A thinks for this reason alone, Maryanne will be here very soon. He's probably right!

The reason that God made him for me, though, is that even though he has a ton going on (that is realistically more stressful than a raggedy bush), he reminds me of perspective. Is it really worth fretting over a fridge when we are going to be welcoming the baby we've dreamed of into our family soon? Don't you think people will understand if you haven't been weeding and pruning and tending to the landscaping (most people yes, but I am sure that my gardening-idol Aunt B's flowerbeds did not look like a scene from the jungle book even when she was 39 weeks pregnant with any of her children....)? Aren't you glad we hired a cleaning service to come (this Friday again) so you don't have to worry about cleaning the house right now, too?

So luckily by the time we went to bed, we were chuckling and laughing about all the stuff that is converging upon us right now. We will get through it- and I'm sure everything will be totally fine. Thank God for good husbands :)


Praying for Hope said...

You really do get to a point where you stop caring so much abouth the cleanliness of the house. You learn to live with the clutter and the fact that you haven't been able to give the house any more than a spot cleaning here and there for months. Not that it won't still bother you - it just won't happen as often. You have - and will have - more important things to focus on.

Coco said...

Oh I so understand! LOL. First of all, the dog, yes super annoying, but you're totally right. Protective of you, alpha female who is pregnant... later on protective of new baby. When I had my little boy, the first time my husband tried to change a diaper, the baby cried and my dog started barking at him and running frantically back and forth to get me, all like Lassie, totally trying to tattle on Daddy! Haha. It will take a while, but it will calm down. The fridge thing just plain ole sucks. I'm sorry. I know you put so much time and effort into all that, and it's pretty crappy to lose any of it so near the end! And my yard is probably nowhere near as nice as yours normally, but I do try to make it nice... and right now it's like a freaky freaky jungle. I'm so embarassed to have people drive on my street. Like you, I'm just hoping I'm getting a free pass for being pregnant/having a c-section... but I can't wait to get out there and fix it. My husband is mowing the lawn, but that only makes my flower beds look more ragged by comparison. :-P It's so hard to have all this hit you at the end, but I think you have a great attitude about it! And HOORAY for cleaning people coming on Friday!!! Hope that little baby girl gets here safe and soon! *hugs* Hang in there!

Lady Grey said...

Oh No, particularly the fridge, that really sucks! Praying things work out well. Husbands are great for perspective aren't they, so glad you guys could laugh about it too :)