Saturday, April 18, 2009

No, not that kind of housekeeping! I don't want to let you all in on the fact that I've been putting off the load of white laundry for a few days now....

The misfit
asked me what my test results are at, so here goes, along with some other notes. When I write them all out, it doesn't seem like we've been tested that much, but I guess we are sort of at the beginning of the testing road I think. All the "normal" results are according to my ob/gyn, and I keep forgetting to ask for the actual numbers...

  • Mr. A's SA- normal
  • I've had bloodwork for thyroid, estradiol, and progesterone- all of those levels are normal
  • HSG- I had a fussy left tube but the report says that the dye eventually moved through it spilled. Right tube is a-okay.
  • Via temping, I have a good shift post-ovulation and a good LP (12-13 days). No spotting pre-cycle day 1, and once it arrives, it's good healthy-looking flow right from the start.
I haven't been tested for FSH, and also the thyroid and estradiol were tested for on a different cycle than progesterone, and I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. We also haven't been tested for the clotting thing. I'm hoping that if we're referred to the RE (more on that in a sec), he'll run these for us.

My doctor is consulting with the RE he most closely works with about our case. Doctor says that he'll see if the RE can recommend some other tests to run or something doctor can do preliminarily, but otherwise, doctor will refer us to the RE. Doctor also said we could move right to a lap, but he said that if it were his wife, he'd want to see if there was some obscure hormone that was wrong first (that could be fixed easily) before moving right to surgery (even though apparently it is a fairly "easy" surgery, as surgeries go?). And Mr. A and I agree with that sentiment. Doctor said he'll get back to me early this coming week about his conversation with the RE.

I am feeling better about seeing the specialist- thanks for all your reassurance! I'm hoping that somehow doctor missed something that is off with my body/hormones that can be easily fixed. Don't we all, I guess!


Sew said...

I would totally go for the lap. Straight for it. I think it is the best way to see what exactly is going on. Shining a light on the very dark reproductive world.

Totally agree with the hormones, but dang, they are so screwy and only tell a little bit of the problem.

And truly, a lap is a surgery, but if it's just a lap it is totally fine! I would do a lap all day every day. ;)

I would like to add that this is just my very humble opinion! ;)

A said...

Thanks Sew :) I am not opposed to the lap either- especially if they keep finding normal hormones! I really appreciate your comment! :)

the misfit said...

Hmm...I might decide that based on the cost post-insurance and do the cheaper one first...but that's me.

Given your testing results so far, I would have said that you weren't infertile at all - good sperm, you're clearly ovulating, correct cycle length and hormone levels, clear tubes. Given all that, I would be surprised if your FSH were high either. In my case, SO many of my test results are screwy that an official diagnosis has never been very far off. I kind of resent it that there are so many things wrong with me, but I guess there's a different challenge in having IF and being apparently totally healthy: it's harder to diagnose. On the flip side, you're healthier!

I hope they figure out what treatment you need quickly, cheaply, and relatively painlessly! I'll be interested to hear what it is...all us endo, POF, PCOS, and defective sperm people are starting to get a little boring, and we need some diversity in the mix! :)