Prayer Request

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am writing this morning to request your prayers for the client I saw this week at the pregnancy center. When I called the pregnancy center in January to say I'd like to start volunteering as a peer counselor, the director told me she was so happy that I called, and that she firmly believes that God Himself brings clients and peer counselors together. Never have I felt this to be more true than this week.

I can't share alot of the details in the interest of her privacy, but I'll call her "E".

E was a walk-in to our center this week, and while we usually have no space for a walk-in appointment, we did have one for her. And I got to see her. It was an amazing counseling session. She has so much love for her baby (8w), but she is afraid of what her boyfriend will say. She clearly stated that she does not believe in abortion, and if that is what he suggests, she will leave the relationship. She is unsure about whether to parent the baby or whether to place the baby for adoption. She has a wonderful example of a positive adoption situation within her immediate family.

I couldn't help but think of readers who are going through the adoption process right now. As I was talking to E, I was silently praying that whereever you are, there are moms in her same position that are being encouraged to consider adoption as a life-giving choice for their baby.

Please keep E in your prayers, as she weighs her options of parenthood or placing the baby for adoption. Also, E is not a Christian, but she does believe in something bigger than her, so please pray that God would continue to whisper to her heart about the comfort and guidance that He provides, especially when we are scared and can't see where we should go next.


Melissa said...

What a brave young woman. I admire her courage. I'll keep her & those going through the Adoption process in my prayers.

Rach said...

How great of you to give back through this ministry!

Praying for her and all who are struggling with any fertility/infertility issue.

Anonymous said...

You are such a good person, A. Simply amazing!

I will pray for this young woman and all of those women in the IF community going through the adoption process right now.

Jenny said...

E will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for E. Thanks for sharing this story. You really are amazing.