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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I think it is funny that most of you were more concerned with the "dishonesty" and would admit that good photographers are pricey, while I was more price sticker shocked than convinced she is out to screw her customers.

I really think she probably mentioned something about the newborn session while at the expo. You know how those things are- a noisy gym/conference center with tons of people and distractions, and to be completely honest, I was walking around that place in such a happy fog, that she could have told me that I had to buy her a new car and I would not have remembered.

And as far as the website goes, yes, it wasn't clear, but I don't think she made it that way on purpose. I just have a tendency for taking things very literally, and since it didn't say "minimum order", I just didn't think that the "expect to pay" part was equivalent terminology. Which it technically isn't, but I guess some people would say that if someone tells you to "expect to pay" something, that is what you will be paying!! So I can see both sides, but I still hope she edits her site to be clear that there is a minimum order required. And I think that if I hadn't asked her via email about the reprints this morning, she would have gone over it when we met for lunch- she had a price list/info sheet ready to hand me when I arrived.

I think she does amazing work and will be very easy to work with. And, I don't think you could be a successful family photographer if you got a reputation for doing backhanded things to your clients. Plus we are getting both a maternity and a newborn session for the cost. We can buy a CD of the edited images so we can make our own prints (which cost pennies) of what picture and how big and how many, and the CD is a pretty big price item, so with buying the CD and 2 "brag" albums for the grandparents, we will exactly meet the $350 minimum and be out the door. Easy peasy. No going over the minimum.

I was surprised at the hostility in a couple of the comments, though. Have you never misunderstood someone, or have said something that was interpreted differently than you intended by someone else? Did they jump down your throat about it or vice versa?

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Coco said...

Well, I hope I didn't come across as hostile. Though my husband keeps telling me I'm going a little off the deep end lately. ;) Guess I'm a little too Irish and ready for a confrontation when things don't seem to be right... especially I feel over protective of ...well everything and everyone... lately. Haha.

But I'm glad you worked everything out and are getting what you want! I'm sure the pictures will be awesome! :)