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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update on bourbon girl: She was not in class yesterday (maybe hungover? haha, okay, I know that is harsh...).

But since I arrived first to the studio, I took the opportunity to let my teacher know that it was hard for me to hear her say she drank bourbon to get her baby to stop moving. I shared that after struggling with infertility, feeling our baby move is so amazing and is such an answered prayer, and I just cannot fathom why someone would want to silence their healthy, active baby.

Luckily, not more than a second after I'd said this, she said "I totally agree with you! I was so shocked I didn't know what to say to her."

She went on to tell me that another girl in the class had expressed her concern/shock/disappointment after class, and that she was worried that a first time attendant of our class last week wouldn't be back because of the awkwardness that bourbon girl created (the first time attendant was missing yesterday, too, unfortunately).

At least I wasn't the only one. Seems like bourbon girl is alone in her desire to but the kibosh (sp?) on her wiggly little one. (Our Tuesday morning class is small- there are usually only 2-3 students plus our teacher.)

Our teacher is a licensed clinical social worker whose career is (was? she owns this yoga studio now...) working with foster children and their birthparents who are to be reunited. She said the weirdest part of hearing about bourbon girl's drinking habits was that she is used to working with people whose first inclination is "I don't really feel like giving up (insert destructive habit here) just for my child." Whereas, here is bourbon girl, attending a prenatal yoga class that from all indications and research can help moms be the healthiest people they can be, and that is why 99% of the students enroll in prenatal yoga, and this chick is triumphantly telling us of her habit that she has added to her lifestyle that in many circumstances is a contributing factor to people having their kids taken away from them.

As I noted, bourbon girl wasn't there yesterday, and our teacher isn't sure where "the line" is as far as talking to her about it versus letting her deal with the consequences of her actions.

But suffice it to say that we had an awesome class yesterday. It was me, the teacher, and another gal who is 35 weeks pregnant. We worked hard, had just enough but not too much banter during class, and they were asking me all kinds of questions about our baby shower and giving me awesome advice after class was over. It was the perfect morning- no alcohol needed ;-)


TeeJay said...

I was pretty certain that the others felt the same as you on this subject but didn't know what to say to her, either. I'm glad you are enjoying your yoga so's nice to know that there are people out there that do not take their pregnancies and the health of their babies for granted.

Baby Hopes said...

Wow... just an awkward and bad situation all around. Congrats to you for having the courage to do something about it! My goodness... that the teacher was a social worker for foster children must make this a really difficult situation. I hope she finds a way to reach out to her through their relationship for the well being of the baby. Good grief. The whole thing still just floors me.

callmemama said...

Glad she didn't show up so you could enjoy your class! I think most people think of a million things to say after the fact (I know I always do), but being shocked into silence is totally understandable in this case.

the misfit said...

That's a very interesting point by your teacher. Of course, from another point of view, I guess you could say that the habit she does not want to give up is going to cocktail parties as an effectively un-pregnant person. I'm glad your teacher saw the problem also - although that comment was so outrageous that I can't see how anyone would NOT see the problem!

Coco said...

Wow. Just wow. Can't imagine being a social worker and not wanting to slap the crap out of that girl. What is wrong with people?

Leah said...

I think you handled it very well, and I'm glad to hear that others were also concerned about the comment burbon girl made. I have noticed that when something upsets you (or anyone as a person) it usually upsets others as well.