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Friday, September 25, 2009

Guess what? I had to pee at 3am this morning. oooOOOOooo! Haha!

It has been a rainy, on-the-chillier-side morning, so much so that Banana didn't want to finish (or barely start) her walk, so we came home, saw Mr. A off to work with his coffee, and read/napped together on the couch for a while before I gravitated to my workstation. She is now laying with her head on my foot- so freakin cute!!

My honeymoon-baby friend responded to an email from another of us mentioning the flooding in GA, and she commented that there are probably going to be alot of babies born 9 months from now. My reaction this morning bordered on apathetic disgust/disbelief. Despite the fact that my good friend wrote this and despite that I'm longing to have this happen to me, with or without a natural disaster, I can't believe that people (in general) are so flippant about statistics like this that it's almost comical to them. It's like putting reproduction in the same category as "prices for oranges will be up this year due to the hurricane". What happens to the couple who has been desperately trying for kids for 3 years who happens to become pregnant this month? How do they respond when they are lumped in with all the ne'er-do-well's who were simply holed up without anything else to do, so they just decided to hop in the sack (and of course, successfully conceived!!). I'm not really upset about it, I just think that it's sad that the miracle of creation gets watered down so much that it becomes a joke to some people.

Off my soap box! (I have always wanted to say that- but what is a soap box anyway? Ha!)

As for a cycle update, I'm 9dpo, and this morning when I woke up for real, I thought, "only 4 more days" might be 5, who knows. I have been true to myself as far as not dwelling on what, if anything, I specifically feel, especially since I've felt it all before and it's never meant anything. That has made this 2ww pretty easy so far. So I am thankful for that! A special congrats to Baby Hungry who just got her BFP this morning on cycle 1 of clomid- she gets switched to the "Baby Bump" category (did you notice I sectioned my blog list?)- I can't wait until there are more Baby Bumps than not!!!

No big plans for the weekend- I think it's supposed to rain again tomorrow, but I am loving the fall temps and would love to just curl up with my book for a few hours!! Maybe I'll make dough for cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow...


the misfit said...

Huh. I was just thinking I needed to meander over to Baby Hungry's blog and check it out. It seems like everyone I add lately has gotten/gets a BFP within about 72 hours of my adding them. Unfortunately, my blogroll attrition rate for the pregnant is pretty high (much higher than for the ttc, which is almost zero), so I am leery of adding brand-new people who are preggers. (Is that crazy?) Congrats to her all the same, though.

I wonder whether some of those long-time ttcers might not like being lumped in with the bored-with-no-TV folk - if people have a preconceived (no pun intended) notion of why they finally got knocked up just then, they don't have to answer so many questions? I always wonder why power outages affect the birth rate anyway, with just about everyone on contraception. (And at most 25% of women would be fertile during any given week, right?)

Cortney said...
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Baby Hungry said...

I didn't realize I was signed into my personal blog with my last comment and it won't let me erase it all the way...Sorry!

Like I said before, Thanks so much for the congrats and shout out on your blog. Your friendship means a lot. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP in a couple days.

Scrambled Egg said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Just wanted to let you know--I misprinted the day that I had my first injectible IUI--it was actually on cd 14, and I triggered on cd 12. I'm finding this cycle to be exactly the same. I'm triggering tonight (cd 12) and IUI on Sunday. Let me know if you have questions or want further details!

Hillary said...

I always feel the exact same way as I near the end of the cycle -- at least the torture will be over and I will know one way or the other! Praying it's positive for you :)