Sunday, September 27, 2009

I thought it was about time for a photo... hehe!

My Stick Family from

My lower abdomen has been gurgly since dinner, which usually happens at the end of my 2ww, so I'm pretty sure this cycle isn't "it". I did have a somewhat soapy taste in my mouth after breakfast, an odd-tummy-feeling afternoon, and I'm still feeling a tad tender up top (which usually has worn off by now), but it's most likely nothing. I am really at peace with starting another cycle- time to bring out the big guns (i.e. needles)!! I'd be happy to start earlier than Thursday, since that would ease the timing with Mr. A being out of town on CD13. We will see what God's plan is relative to mine- if history is any teacher, it will be different!

I did make some pumpkin muffins yesterday, and they were SO GOOD. I promise to post the recipe. I also have a Raspberry Crumble recipe that I've been making with our very own raspberries, but you could use frozen, too! I doubt either recipe fits in with some of your super healthy diets, but maybe you can alter them to meet your needs....

We had a really nice weekend- today was the perfect day for line-drying laundry; I felt like some idyllic wife hanging up the load of whites- super white tshirts fluttering in the wind against a beautiful blue backdrop with puffy white clouds, and the green mountains in the distance!


Scrambled Egg said...

post the pumpkin muffin recipe! I love all things pumpkin in the fall! =)

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Glad that you had a nice weekend! I would love the pumpkin recipe too. It puts me in the mood for fall. :)